ECC200D01 Series | Door Intercom Android Building Intercom System | Smart Building Label | Light Current Project

ECC200D01 Series | Door Intercom Android Building Intercom System | Smart Building Label | Light Current Project

ECC200D01 series|multi-lingualcolordoor intercom|The world's firstface recognitionAndroid Doorway Walkie-Talkie is a SIP video doorway walkie-talkie with a 7-inch touch screen, which can perform AI artificial intelligence driveOffline face recognitionFor access control and epidemic prevention. Commonly used in apartment buildings, corporate commercial buildings and architectural community buildings

Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Stylish appearance and easy installation
  • The 7-inch high-definition display screen can accept and present the advertisement multimedia information playback from the remote end of the management center
  • Dual-lens video design, can be used as security monitoring preview, video
  • Support face recognition, the accuracy rate exceeds 99%, and the recognition speed is less than 0.6 seconds/person
  • Visitors can have two-way intercom and unlock with the resident's indoor intercom, APP or management center through the door intercom
  • With gravity sensing anti-dismantling alarm function, door magnetic alarm function, to ensure community safety
  • Excellent dustproof and waterproof design, suitable for outdoor use
ecc200d01 series | door intercom Android building intercom system | smart building label | weak current engineering first general technology co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
ecc200d01 door intercom | artificial intelligence face camera function
ecc200d01 series | door intercom Android building intercom system | smart building label | weak current engineering first general technology co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
ecc200d01 door intercom|interface menu
ecc200d01 door intercom|Android intercom system
ecc200d01 door intercom|Android intercom system

Hardware Specifications

  • Panel material: aluminum alloy
  • Internal memory: RAM 2GB / ROM 16GB
  • LCD: 7-inch IPS LCD screen
  • Touch screen: 7-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Main lens: 3 million pixels, automatic fill light
  • Light Sensing: Support
  • Infrared sensing: support
  • Wiegand interface: support
  • RS485 interface: support
  • Built-in card reader frequency: 13.56MHz & 125kHz
  • Relay control: 3 (NC/COM/NO)
  • Internal door opening interface: 3
  • Microphone: -32dB
  • Speaker: 8Ω / 2W
  • Bluetooth: Support
  • Network interface: RJ45, 10/100Mbps self-adjusting
  • PoE: 802.3af
  • Power supply: 12V/1.5A
  • Waterproof and dustproof: IP65
  • Installation method: embedded wall installation and wall-mounted wall installation
  • Embedded wall size: 324x130x60mm
  • Wall-mounted wall size: 324x130x33mm
  • Working humidity: 10~90%
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +55°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C


  • Support SIP v1 (RFC2543), SIP v2 (RFC3261)
  • Narrowband speech coding: G.711a, G.711μ, G.729
  • Wideband Speech Coding: G.722
  • DTMF: In-band audio (In-band), out-of-band-DTMF transmission (RFC2833), SIP information
  • Echo Suppression: Supported
  • Silence detection: support
  • Comfort noise generation: support


  • Sensor: 1/3", color CMOS
  • Image formats: CIF, QCIF, VGA, 4CIF, 720p, 1080p
  • Video encoding: H.264
  • Highest Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • Maximum image transfer rate: 1080p – 25fps
  • Viewing angle: 120°(H) / 64°(V)
  • Infrared fill light: support
  • White light fill light: support
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1LUX



Access control function

  • Android operating system, easy to connect or customize with third-party platforms
  • Full-duplex hands-free calling
  • Preset auto answer
  • Door opening method: face recognition, DTMF, password, credit card, indoor switch, bluetooth/NFC, etc.
  • live video streaming
  • Support 5000 face data
  • Support 5000 access cards

Configuration and Maintenance

  • Automatic deployment configuration via FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/DHCP OPT66/SIP PNP/TR069
  • Web management interface
  • Web page message extract
  • Configure Export/Import
  • Open door record export
  • Access list import/export
  • software upgrade

Voice play

  • Radio distance up to 5 meters
  • Voice command recognition accuracy up to 95%
  • Voice data is processed offline to protect privacy and security
  • Support Chinese & English & Japanese & Korean & Vietnamese & Thai (conform to Taiwanese multilingual environment)

Application scenarios

  • Detached villa
  • through the sky
  • Apartment building
  • collective housing complex
  • Smart Home System
  • Smart interior decoration

What is building intercom

building intercom, an internal communication system used in residential buildings. Its main purpose is to control the electric lock on the door outside the building. After confirming the identity of the visitor through the remote intercom, the electric lock can be opened remotely to allow the visitor to enter the residential building. So, from a home security perspective, it's a "guest admission system" implemented using technology similar to a phone system. Its basic composition is an indoor extension and a door host.

The door host is provided for the use of external visitors. The visitor dials the indoor unit by pressing the keyboard of the host, and the indoor unit rings to remind the owner that there is a visitor. The indoor user is like using a telephone, and he/she lifts the phone to talk. During the call, press the indoor unit. The unlock button on the remote control opens the door electric lock. And now the building intercom has developed to a higher level of application, such as calling other hosts, calling security has played a role in joint defense. Moreover, the indoor unit function is extended to small conferences and the function of communicating with households (that is, neighbors can talk to each other in the networked community). That is to say, the current building intercom has combined the application of residential security and life intelligence. For more functions, please refer to some building intercom manufacturers. Such as China Wenzhou Weishilong, Fujian Guanlin, some companies in Guangzhou. They all have their different characteristics, so building intercom is not a simple application of VTO calling the indoor unit and the indoor unit making a response.

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Types of

central monitoring, control panel, cloud



Accessories information

ecc200d02 door intercom | accessories | snap-in mounting plate
ecc200d01 door intercom | accessories | snap-in mounting plate
ecc200d02 door intercom | accessories | built-in rainproof cover
ecc200d01 door intercom | accessories | built-in rainproof cover
ecc200d02 door intercom | accessories | wall-mounted rainproof cover
ecc200d01 door intercom | accessories | wall-mounted rainproof cover

Special needs

Smart Weak Current Project | Requirements
Housing Type
Software System Requirements
Weak Current Engineering Requirements-Public Building Area
Intercom version
Indoor unit size
Smart Home System - Residential House Area
Residential-door lock system
Smart Building Mark (Taiwan)
LEED building label (US | USGBC)
Green Building Three Star Certification (China)
LOTUS Building Mark (Vietnam | VGBC)
Building Marks (India | IGBC)
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