Creative Thinking

Innovative thinking: out of the box

FGT firmly believes that the innovation brought about by innovative thinking in every business drives growth. Thinking out-of-the-box can greatly increase the level of innovation within a business. Albert Einstein has pointed out that "the true mark of wisdom is not knowledge, but imagination". So, by thinking out of the box, good ideas and practical solutions can be created.

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Four-step innovation process

FGT guarantees that by using the four steps of innovative thinking, businesses will be able to get more out of their creativity and they will realize the importance of innovation


After the fourth step has been performed, the first step of the loop can be started again.
In this repetition, informing employees of the need to innovate becomes less important because they are used to this innovative thought process. It is even possible for new ideas to arise naturally


Some businesses use creativity techniques to implement "innovative thinking" that encourages creativity in their employees. Finding new combinations of technological opportunities and market demands is a challenge. In order to develop a "golden idea", it is necessary to have good support within the organization to realize the detailed concept. Those who support innovation have a decisive influence on the way people form opinions. External parties are an important factor in success, which is why they are advised to be involved in the innovation process.

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