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Welcome to career opportunities at FGT. If you enjoy teamwork and are looking for a new challenge, consider applying for one of these jobs. For more details on a specific offer, click on it.

UX Designer/UI Designer(Taiwan Area/Tainan Head Office)

work content

  1. Responsible for web framework construction, version cutting, layout, special effects and development of web front-end interactive functions.
  2. Communicate design requirements using Flow Chart / Wireframe / Prototype.
  3. All UX/UI interface design of website and future web and app.
  4. Continue to optimize product design according to the phased goals of the product.
  5. Proficient in drawing tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and cutting tools such as VSCode.

weak current engineer(Taiwan Area/Tainan Head Office)

work content

1. Weak current system software and hardware equipment wiring, installation, adjustment, maintenance and repair services.
For example: surveillance, access control, intercom, Wi-Fi construction, commercial audio, smart home, etc.
2. Provide customer equipment consultation, setting, maintenance, problem solving and other services.
3. Cleaning and maintenance of common tools, instruments and engineering vehicles.
4. Check whether the relevant materials of the daily construction case are ready
5. Due to engineering needs, this position needs to cooperate with hydropower and work overtime.
6. Other matters assigned by supervisor

◆Class C telecommunications technician or above
◆No bad habits
◆Good communication and teamwork

Foreign business personnel (Vietnam/Taiwan head office)

work content

1. Responsible for domestic and foreign business development contacts and order processing.
2. Familiar with the sales and export process of industrial instruments.
3. Plan international trade shows, participate in planning, coordinate marketing activities (such as: exhibitions, advertisements, conferences).
4. Proficient in Chinese and Vietnamese.

◆Fluent in Vietnamese listening, speaking, writing and reading
◆More than 3 years of dealer development experience
◆Good communication and teamwork

Construction Weak Electricity Pre-Sales Engineer (Tainan District/Taiwan Head Office)

work content

1. Responsible for the pre-sale quotation of the construction company's weak current project

2. Develop a weak current project for collective housing


◆More than 5 years experience in building materials industry

◆High EQ management, good communication, teamwork

If you want to know more about the application process for FGT Systems Engineer, please read this page.

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