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【Automatic control school】Flow meter series: Insertion flowmeter

[Automatic control school] Flow meter series: What are the factors that affect the measurement error of the insertion flowmeter? The insertion flowmeter is a new type of flow measurement instrument developed on the basis of the pipeline flowmeter. Due to the advantages of low cost, installation under pressure, etc., it can be installed without stopping the water. Therefore, in some occasions where the installation of pipeline flowmeters is difficult and the installation cost is high, the insertion flowmeter is often used to solve the flow measurement problem. Therefore, the measurement The method provides a good solution for flow measurement. However, when the insertion flowmeter is used in the field, due to the design defects of the flowmeter itself and the very complex installation conditions on site, the insertion flowmeter cannot achieve accurate and reliable flow measurement well.

Organic waste gas treatment washing tower, acid mist purification tower improvement project

Scrubber design
Design and application of vertical tube flowmeter for washing tower water pump: use FMG electromagnetic flowmeter / improve the problem of the old H-100F float flowmeter, effectively save maintenance costs, developed by Taiwan FGT Instrument Factory with 16 years of engineering practice experience, designed and manufactured by the engineering department, durable life Extend 5 years, improve maintenance and reduce maintenance cleaning and scrubber costs

Smart residential system and its application in the field of interior design

Smart housing case
The smart residential system design has the characteristics of high safety and good sound effect, which can effectively combine with household electrical appliances and management systems to provide users with a comfortable living environment and promote the development of interior design. Conclusion: Smart residential system and its application in the field of interior design.