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Smart residential system and its application in the field of interior design

Guarantee of Smart Residential Equipment Operation

Introduction: With the continuous advancement of science and technology, people's requirements for the living environment are getting higher and higher, and smart home comes into being. This paper takes the design of the smart residential control system as the research object, and discusses the composition of the smart residential system from the aspects of sensors, actuators, control centers, communication networks, and human-machine interfaces. It is a design method of the smart residential system. .

Smart home project design
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The reliability of smart home design in terms of safety

No matter what industry, fire safety and home security play a very important role. Therefore, when developing smart housing design, it is necessary to strengthen safety management. Only in this way can the development of smart housing systems be vigorously promoted. It can be seen that smart housing design is in Reliability in terms of safety. For example, users can choose to install monitors or videophone intercoms to monitor the outside of the house according to their own needs, so as to provide residents with a safe and convenient living environment. In addition, the residential system has its own anti-theft function. Notify users as soon as possible to provide residents with a safe and secure living environment.

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Smart anti-theft design

The application of smart residential system is inseparable from indoor

What functions should be in the room, the lights are automatically turned on and off in the stairwell, the lights are automatically turned on and off in the toilet, the smart curtains are automatically turned on, and the living room appliances are automatically turned on. The random scene is up to you and me. For example, the leaving home mode is freely set, and the home mode is controlled by yourself. Many design considerations are ignored in the design process, because the interior space designed is for people to live in, not for smart devices, providing effective freedom. Gao and hand over the dominance of control to the user. Before interior design and decoration: it is even more necessary to consider how to integrate such smart devices into a seamless connection with the interior decoration plank compartment. Find a professional who understands it. The needs of interior designers have become more and more important in designing intelligent spaces. The following are some sketches of works jointly designed by the first general science and technology engineering department and interior designers

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Design method of smart house control system

A safe and suitable home environment frees people's hands and minds, allowing everyone to enjoy life more freely and relaxedly. Smart homes are divided into two types: severe intelligence (whole house intelligence) and mild intelligence (required intelligence). Severe residential intelligence is wisdom in the traditional sense. From the beginning of the decoration of the house, the design and definition of the intelligence of the whole house begins. residential environment. The core of the home automation system includes specific needs, the laying of lines. Complex but orderly, like the veins of the human body, is an intelligent integrated wiring system. It is the guarantee for the operation of residential intelligent equipment. To create a more convenient use of intelligent facilities and control systems, intelligence is around people's lives in the public's discussion topics, it is perfectly hidden in the wall of the equipment needs and location layout.

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Entrance intelligent design
Listening to user needs is the kingly way | Matching interior design is more perfect

The application of the intelligent residential system cannot be separated from the interior. It is a form of reflecting the user's living environment. If the intelligent residential system is installed in the residence, the user can experience a safe, convenient and intelligent service system. The home is the main place of use of the intelligent residential system. In the process of use, it will involve automatic control, Internet and wiring technology, etc. The intelligent residential system design has the characteristics of high safety and easy operation, which can effectively The combination of electrical facilities and management system provides users with a comfortable living environment and promotes the development of interior design.

What is a smart home?

Smart home is to use the connection of various home automation equipment to use the network system to make it play an integral and efficient service function to ensure the safety of the home, the health of the living environment, the convenience of life, and provide a comfortable quality of life. , to create a humane living environment.