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Weak current engineering construction

Don't forget to plan for weak current equipment in home decoration!

The interior decoration is closely related to the weak current pipeline

Don't forget to plan for weak electrical equipment in home renovations! Although weak current equipment is not as good as strong current equipment, we need to pay attention to the power configuration, but remember that network information is all around us anytime, anywhere. So, how should weak current equipment be planned in home decoration?

Since the interior decoration is closely related to the weak current pipeline, it needs strong support from decoration, such as whether the partition has horizontal gears, the intersection of weak current pipeline and strong current pipeline, shear wall, glass partition, part of the column groove or outer packaging, part of the vertical bridge to install false columns etc., so the actual direction of the pipeline needs to be negotiated with the interior decoration engineering contractor, and then provide an accurate pipeline scheme.
Although weak current equipment is not as good as strong current equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the configuration of electricity consumption, but please remember that network information is around us anytime, anywhere, especially in the future, almost all households will move to smart homes. The prior weak current configuration is very important.

Light current equipment needs to pay attention to the configuration of electricity consumption

First of all, let us briefly explain the difference between strong electricity and weak electricity, simply distinguishing that strong electricity refers to socket electricity, such as household lights and kitchen appliances; weak electricity refers to lines such as telephones and networks. Here, the Tainan Yiqu weak current engineering team provides a simple memory: strong electricity is used for power supply, and weak electricity is used to transmit information.

Don’t forget to plan for weak current equipment in your home decoration! First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Light current equipment needs to pay attention to the configuration of electricity consumption

So, how do weak current personnel plan light current equipment during home decoration?

Again, this is a mistake many people make by not paying attention. In residential decoration, we must remember to keep a safe distance between weak and strong electricity, and the strong electricity box and the weak electricity box should be classified. The planning of weak electricity should do the following during decoration:
Avoid strong electricity: This is something we stress time and time again. Weak current immunity is poor. If it is placed with strong electricity, it will interfere, but if it is heavy, it may cause a fire.
Moisture-proof precautions: Taiwan is surrounded by islands in a humid environment. When wiring installation, the position should be kept about 30cm from the ground, and the outer casing of the wire should be installed to prevent moisture.
Reserved jacks: 1 to 2 weak current jacks should be reserved in each space in the home environment to meet future development needs.
Weak current box management: In order to facilitate the installation of weak current boxes at home for centralized management, the weak current boxes are scattered around the center.
In addition, when planning weak current, it is best to carry out the decoration project at the same time, so that the direction of the route will be clearer and will not affect the overall decoration after woodworking!

Light Current Construction | Wiring Materials | Component Design

  • telephone line
  • Telephone lines are used for telephones, and the number of telephone extensions that can be connected is determined by the RJ11 two-core. The common specifications are currently RJ45 wiring.
  • Weak current engineering construction
  • TV cable
  • At present, the lines used to transmit TV signals mainly include coaxial cable for cable TV and optical fiber cable for digital TV. Cable TV adopts R5/R7 coaxial cable, and digital TV adopts Sf optical fiber wiring.
  • Weak current engineering construction
  • Internet route
  • It refers to the backbone lines in the interior decoration: RJ45 network line, RJ11 telephone line, R5/R7 coaxial line, three different counties have different characteristics and prices. When choosing, mainly based on CAT6/CAT5 performance and price. price to choose
  • Weak current engineering construction
  • Audio and video line
  • It is used to realize the transmission line of music and video, mainly including audio line, audio line, used for the connection between the living room audio-visual theater amplifier and audio, audio is limited to the output signal of Blu-ray player, etc.
  • Weak current engineering construction
  • Wifi
  • There are two types of routers and network sharers. For a home decoration, it is best to use the current Wifi6 and use the same brand of wireless base station, because there will only be one wireless network point, and it will not cause wireless disconnection of home users.
Weak current engineering construction
Interior decoration weak current project | wifi

Interior decoration | List of light current intelligent equipment

The following is a list of (to) and (not to) for everyone

Don’t forget to plan for weak current equipment in your home decoration! First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Interior decoration | List of light current intelligent equipment
device nameuse applicationscene characteristics
balcony, outside, living roomCreate a security system that self-monitors your own home without spending NT$3,000
doors and windows
Any windows and doors with glassAnti-opening, anti-intrusion, and the key point is to prevent yourself from forgetting to close the window
all in one door lockSwipe the card to open the door, open the door in different placesIt is best to have the function of opening the door in the cloud. At present, the market is swiping card, password, and traditional locks. Without video, start the door first and then open the door in the cloud... For this kind of thing, you can refer to the 5-in-1 video door lock of the ecc engineering team.
For home appliancesMany home appliances such as electric fans, air conditioners, etc. forget to turn off, can be used with this type of plug
Light controlThree cut/one power switchCreate automatic switches for up and down stairs in stairwells, especially when the lights are automatically turned off at night
human body
For personnel movement sensingThis is called creating a smart light current core component with temperature. Without him, any smart weak current setting is equivalent to a dummy, and many of them are only single functions. The selection has multi-functions such as: illumination + human body... battery powered type
Intercom host
For visitors/floor callsThis type has a wireless version and a wired version. If it is a sky room, it can be refitted and upgraded to an indoor walkie-talkie with an Android system, but if it is a residential building type, it is recommended not to modify it.
Electricity power meterFor renting houseGenerally, in the case of interior decoration, it is often encountered whether it is a one-time electricity bill or a shared electricity bill. Now it is more convenient to directly install an external meter for the circuit breaker in the strong electric box, and to calculate the electricity consumption of each room.
water leakage
bathroomWhen there are elderly people at home who forget to turn off the faucet, such active reminders become very important
kitchenGenerally, after buying a house, this type of installation will be installed directly, but it can only be reminded in the house, and there is no different reminder function. Of course, you can also purchase a cloud version gas sensor to make your home less dementia. Forgetting to turn off gas
floor to ceiling curtainsThe automatic window opening is cheap, it is a very convenient application to create the effect of home theater scenes, and it can also be simply opened in the morning and closed in the evening.
Interior decoration|Intelligent light current facilities
Don’t forget to plan for weak current equipment in your home decoration! First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.

Good interior decoration weak current design: it should be a main gateway, not a bunch of network sharing devices in a houseToo many network share failures can easily make the Internet unstable
splitterCommon cable TV uses this type of 2-way 4-way splitter to increase the cable TV lineThe splitter does not have an amplifier function, which is easy to make the indoor TV signal quality abnormal.
Cable plugA good interior design needs to take into account how many plugs the occupant will useEach house has its own circuit breaker of how many amperes. Excessive plug load can easily cause the circuit breaker to melt.
open thread Layered stripsLayered strips are used in many interior decoration weak current wiring: but after all, the layered strips are made of double-sided tape, which is easy to fall off after a long time of use.Easy to fall off after use
Open pipe PVC lineExtra water pipes/power distribution pipes: should not be present in exposed residential spaces and require maintenance hand holesWater and electricity are incompatible: a good decoration should be designed in advance for the weak current wiring method of interior decoration
spotlightThis type of equipment is also known as power-consuming equipment. Too much use can easily increase the temperature in the room.Light bulbs are not easy to buy and consume electricity
Interior renovation | Do not need light current settings