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【Automatic control school】Flow meter series: Insertion flowmeter

【Automatic control school】Flow meter series: Insertion flowmeter
What are the factors that affect the measurement error of the insertion flowmeter
Insertion flowmeter is a new type of flow measurement instrument developed on the basis of pipeline flowmeter. It has the advantages of low installation and operation cost, and can be installed under pressure. It can be installed without stopping water. Therefore, in some pipeline flowmeters In the occasions where the installation of the meter is difficult and the installation cost is high, the insertion flowmeter is often used to solve the flow measurement problem, so this measurement method provides a good solution for the flow measurement. However, when the insertion flowmeter is used in the field, due to the design defects of the flowmeter itself and the very complex installation conditions on site, the insertion flowmeter cannot achieve accurate and reliable flow measurement well.

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