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Weak current engineering construction

What does light current engineering do?

Light current engineering work content: communication, network, parking lot, monitoring, alarm access control, patrol inspection, access control attendance, public broadcasting, etc.

System integration is a highly technical system engineering. To truly integrate a building light current system, not only the current engineering company is required to compare the functions, technical parameters, construction, installation, and debugging of each light current system product. In-depth mastery, but also a more comprehensive understanding of the building's water supply and drainage system, power supply and distribution system, ventilation and air conditioning system, lighting system, elevator system and so on.

What does weak current engineering do? First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Construction light current engineering

At the same time, because the building light current system involves many modern high-tech technologies with high technical content, such as communication, computer system, control and display, etc., the update and development are very fast. Therefore, in the specific implementation process of system integration, there are many technical details. The solution also requires the support and cooperation of various professional and technical personnel.

Light current engineering smart building electrical technology still includes two categories: strong current and weak current. The electricity consumption of buildings and buildings generally refers to strong electricity of 220v50hz and above. It mainly provides electric energy to people, such as electric drive motor, lighting and so on.

There are two main types of weak electricity in smart buildings. One is low-voltage electricity such as the state-regulated safety voltage level, which is under the jurisdiction of the National Communication Security Committee and the control voltage. There are AC and DC points, such as 24v DC control power supply, or emergency lighting backup power supply. The other type is information sources that contain information such as voice, video, and data, such as information from monitors, TVs, computers, and intercoms.

People are accustomed to referring to the weak current technology as weak current technology. It can be seen that the basic meaning of weak current technology in smart buildings is still the weak current technology in the original sense. However, with the rapid development of modern weak current technology, the application of weak current technology in smart buildings is becoming more and more extensive.

The degree of application of weak current technology determines the degree of intelligence of smart buildings.

Commonly used building weak current engineering systems mainly include the following:

hereinafter collectively referred to asBuilding weak current or basic weak current

What does weak current engineering do? First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Smart Building and Light Current Engineering System

(1) **Communication system

accomplishFor intercom (including two and three types of telecommunications, video intercometc.) communication function; star topology; using three types (or above) RJ11 interface type unshielded twisted pair, the frequency of the transmission signal is within the audio range.

(2) Computer internal area network system

It is the network foundation for realizing office automation and various data transmission; star topology; using five (or above) RJ45 interface type unshielded twisted pair cables to transmit digital signals, the transmission rate can reach more than 100 mb/s.

(3) **/Broadcasting system

This type of electricity is often ignored because of the basic weak current, and many weak current manufacturers always assign this type to the construction, water and electricity contractors. In fact, this type of communication needs to interact with the fire-fighting trusted switchboard, and is handled by the weak current contractor into wisdom. Remote reminder function in construction project

(4) CATV signal distribution system

Distribute the cable TV signals evenly to each user point in the building; use branchers and distributors for signal distribution, in order to reduce signal distortion and attenuation, and make the signal quality of each user point meet the requirements of the specification, the wiring is a tree Type structure, and it varies with the form of the building and the distribution of user points; 75 Ω RF coaxial cable is used to transmit multiple RF signals.

(6) Fire alarm system

The system consists of three parts: fire alarm and fire linkage system, fire broadcast system, and fire alarm intercom security system.

System integration in light current engineering buildings

What does weak current engineering do? First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Optical Fiber Storage Box | Telecom Room Engineering
Smart light current engineering isLight current system integration!

Includes the following:

1. "Internal Area Network Engineering" TCP/IP

2. "Integrated Cabling System" Total cable

3. "Safety Technology Prevention System" SS system

4. "Cable TV Comprehensive Information Network" CATV system

Five, "building automation system" BA system

6. Building Smart system

Seven, "Fire System" Fire System

Eight, "Weak Current Project Budget"

9. "Bidding Method for Weak Current Projects"

10. "Weak Current Engineering Project Management"

Buying a house is silly and can't tell the quality of the house inspection. What are the problems of weak current construction?

manyBuyers who buy a house This is the most common problem that forgot to check

1. Intercom system: just talk to the management center, no other functions?

The current intercom systems all need to use an interface system similar to that of a smartphone. In addition to being an intercom, you can also insert your favorite APP software. Have you checked it before buying a house????

2. The house inspection company has helped you to check the legendary buyers Hudao.com

Use CAT6 or CAT5 cable to make a comprehensive cable, anyone who understands Internet information knows that all copper material CAT6 can be used for fiber optic Internet access.

3. The power distribution box and the telecommunication box are stupidly indistinguishable???

Whether the telecommunication box adopts intelligent modular telecommunication box, or which kind of telecommunication box is scrambled

4. Is there an exclusive APP attached to the whole house weak current?

I said that I have a smart house for you. Yes, it is really smart. It is very simple to see if a builder has built a project with care or not, just by looking at the software it provides you with future housing. Do you have to contact us every day to turn on a light? Property, such a simple two operations, to open two or three APP software

The importance of engineering integration in weak current in engineering

A weak current construction manufacturer that has not changed in 10 years, Meimei said that I am a system integrator. How many manpower professionals does a system integrator really need to be called a system integrator?

System integration is also collectively referred to as central monitoring and system integration. Many people do not know that system integration is a technology, labor, and professional-intensive industry.

It is by no means ordinary small companies that can engage in system integration abroad, and the funds penetrated are even more huge. What kind of professional talents are needed in the system integration industry to achieve the integration of smart house weak current projects in smart buildings?

The following lists a single mansion under unmanned management, the internal staffing of the system integrator

1. Cloud Engineer

2.MIS network management

3. Interface Engineer (UXUI)

4. Web Engineer (HTML)

5. Database Engineer (SQL)

6. Class B telecommunications technician (weak current/telecommunication planning) weak current engineering license

7. Class B Industrial Wiring Technician (High Power/Control Planning)

8. PLC Programmable Engineer (MCU Engineering)

9. IoT Engineer

Each of the above is worth more than the annual salary of USD$100,000. This is the real smart house you bought in the smart building industry.

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Smart building and smart home

Why Choose ECC200 | Video Introduction What is Smart Home

Smart Building System
ecc200 smart home system

The smart house means that the whole house is designed to be smart from the start of the entire mechanical and electrical engineering using the smart weak current method.

For example, the fire alarm needs to be linked to the mobile phone, and the water supply and drainage system needs to provide information to let every resident know clearly

Smart home refers to the use of intelligent parts and equipment in the living and living space in the house that you buy, so that your space can automatically open windows and automatically turn on lights... This category belongs to the scope of smart home

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What is light current engineering?

Weak current engineering construction

Electric power applications can be divided into two categories according to the strength of power transmission power: strong electricity and weak electricity. The electricity consumption of buildings and building complexes generally refers to strong electricity with AC 220V50Hz and above. It mainly provides electric energy to people and converts electric energy into other energy sources, such as air conditioning electricity, lighting electricity, power electricity and so on.
There are two main types of weak electricity in intelligent buildings. One is low-voltage electrical energy such as the safety voltage level and control voltage stipulated by the state. It is divided into AC and DC. Lamp backup power. The other type is information sources that carry information such as voice, image, data, etc., such as telephone, television, computer information.

What is the difference between Light and strong electricity?

Weak current engineering construction

Identification of strong electricity
1. Strong electricity is not equal to power consumption. A lot of strong electricity is used for power, such as motors, air conditioners and elevators, but it is also used to power computers, TVs and other equipment. For another example, the power of an electric vehicle is a 12V battery, which cannot be called strong electricity.
2. It cannot be demarcated by frequency or AC and DC. For example, 800KV DC transmission must belong to strong electricity.
3. It cannot be demarcated by the magnitude of the current. The working current of many high-voltage devices can be very small, but the communication power supply is low-voltage and high-current.
The difference between strong electricity and weak point
Strong electricity and weak electricity are relative concepts. Conceptually, the main difference is the difference in use, and the relationship between the two cannot be simply defined by the size of the voltage (if you have to specify the voltage to distinguish, then the 36V (human body safety voltage) ) above is classified as strong electricity, and below 36V (human body safety voltage) is classified as weak electricity.), both are related and different. The general principle of distinction is: the processing object of strong electricity is energy (electricity), which is characterized by voltage High, large current, high power and low frequency, the main consideration is to reduce loss and improve efficiency. The processing object of weak current is mainly information, that is, the transmission and control of information, which is characterized by low voltage, small current, low power and frequency. The main consideration is the effect of information transmission, such as the fidelity, speed, breadth and reliability of information transmission. They roughly differ as follows:
(1) The AC frequency is different
The frequency of strong electricity is generally 50Hz (Hz), which is called "power frequency", which means the frequency of industrial electricity: the frequency of weak electricity is often high frequency or ultra-high frequency, measured in KHz (kilohertz) and MHz (megahertz).
(2) Different transmission methods
The strong electricity is transmitted by transmission lines, and the weak electricity transmission is divided into wired and wireless. Radio transmits by electromagnetic waves.
(3) The power, voltage and current are different
Strong electric power is measured in KW (kilowatt), MW (megawatt), voltage is in V (volt), KV (kilovolt), current is in A (ampere), kA (kiloampere); weak current power is in W (watt) , mW (milliwatt) meter, voltage in V (volt), mV (millivolt), current in mA (milliampere), uA (microampere), so its circuit can be composed of printed circuits or integrated circuits.
There are also high-frequency (hundreds of KHz) and intermediate-frequency equipment in strong electricity, but the voltage is higher and the current is also larger. Due to the development of modern technology, weak electricity has penetrated into the field of strong electricity, such as power electronic devices, wireless remote control, etc., but these can only be regarded as the weak electricity control part of strong electricity, which is different from the controlled strong electricity.
According to the fundamental principle of weak electricity conduction signal and strong electricity conduction electric energy, we can easily distinguish strong electricity from weak electricity. For example, although electric shavers, flashlights, etc. only use two dry batteries (3V), we cannot consider them to be weak currents because the voltage and current of the electrical appliances are small, because they conduct electricity instead of signals, so they should belong to the strong current category. .
From the above description, the relationship between the four can be roughly explained as follows:
High voltage must include strong electricity, and strong electricity does not necessarily belong to high voltage;
Low voltage must include weak current, and weak current must belong to low voltage;
Low voltage is not necessarily strong electricity, and strong electricity is not necessarily low voltage.

What is the difference between light current engineering, system integration, and smart buildings?

Weak current engineering construction

The proportion of intelligent buildings in construction projects is increasing year by year. But in these construction projects, most of them are simple system integration projects with only BA performance, which are not smart in the fundamental sense.architecture.light electricitysystem, …