A table to understand the selection of flowmeter types: electromagnetic flowmeter, Karman vortex flowmeter, mass flowmeter, impeller flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, area flowmeter, diaphragm flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, Coriolis flowmeter , pitot tube flowmeter, orifice flowmeter, open channel flowmeter

The concept of flowmeter types - application (1)

A table to understand the selection of flowmeter types

Many design and piping engineers use the wrong characteristics of the flowmeter itself. This table makes it easier for the piping engineering design to understand what kind of restrictions each flowmeter itself has. The principle of the flowmeter will not be discussed separately.

This time we will discuss the types of gas flowmeters and water flowmeters, and discuss the price of flowmeters in another space

Selection steps

Before choosing a flowmeter, preparatory work

  1. Fluid type: gas, liquid, oil, mud
  2. Diameter Size: Imperial, Metric, Japanese
  3. Pipe material: stainless steel, plastic
  4. Connection method: flange, tooth mouth, clamp, non-contact
  5. Fluids: viscosity, temperature, pressure, pH, conductivity
  6. Flow meter unit: L/min, m3/hr, gallon/min
  7. Confirmed use: instantaneous flow, cumulative flow
  8. Confirm electrical output: dry contact, analog output, communication output

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Types of flowmeters - measurement selection methods

Type selection We list the flowmeters commonly used in piping design on the left according to the flowmeter function

I have production: On behalf of the editor, the company produces this type of flowmeter. As long as it is a flowmeter manufacturer, it is impossible to produce all kinds of flowmeters. Only agents or resellers will sell all flowmeters.

Type of flow meterElectromagneticKarman VortexThermal mass
(mass formula)
impellerTurboFloat type
(area formula)
i have productionhavehavehavehavehavehave
gaseous state XCanCanXCanCan
high temperatureCanCanCanCanCanCan
micro flowDepending on the conditionsXCanCanDepending on the conditionsX
medium trafficCanCanCanDepending on the conditionsCanCan
high pressure flowCanCanCanDepending on the conditionsCanCan
viscosityCanXXXDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditions
mudCanDepending on the conditionsXXXX
accurateCanCanCanDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditions
Field maintenanceCanCanXXCanX
pressure lossCanDepending on the conditionsXXCanDepending on the conditions
bubbleDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsXDepending on the conditionsCanDepending on the conditions
horizontal installationCanCanCanCanCanX
vertical installationCanXXXXCan
Continuation methodFlange
oil orders
Flowmeter formulaVelocity x AreaVelocity x AreaVelocity x Areaspeed x areaspeed x areaarea x weight
Most often usedfive starsfour starsthree starstwo starsfive starsfour stars
Types of Flow Meters - Selection Method (1)
Type of flow meterDiaphragmUltrasonicCorsairpitot tubeorifice plateopen channel
i have productionXhavehaveXXX
gaseous state CanDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsCanCanX
steamCanDepending on the conditionsXDepending on the conditionsCanX
high temperatureCanCanCanCanCanX
micro flowDepending on the conditionsXCanCanXX
medium trafficCanDepending on the conditionsCanCanCanCan
high pressure flowCanCanDepending on the conditionsCanCanCan
viscosityXCanDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsCan
accurateXCanCanDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditions
Field maintenanceXCanCanCanCanDepending on the conditions
pressure lossXCanXDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsCan
horizontal installationCanCanCanCanCanCan
vertical installationXDepending on the conditionsDepending on the conditionsCanXX
Continuation methodInsertionFlange
Clamp on
InsertionFlangeflat floor
Flowmeter formulaVelocity x AreaVelocity x AreaVelocity x Areadifferential pressureVelocity x Areavelocity x height
Most often usedfour starsfour starsfive starsfour starsfour starsfour stars
Types of Flow Meters - Selection Method (2)

X: means not available for this purpose
Depending on the conditions: representative part of the fluid properties can be used

Selection Description

1. Types of traffic

fluid typecontentcharacteristic
gasGeneral gas, high-purity gas, acid-base gasroom temperature, low temperature, high temperature
liquidGeneral water, pure water, waste water, liquid medicineConductivity, viscosity, acidity and alkalinity, sanitary grade
oilLubricating oil, diesel oil, gasoline, high viscosity oil, general oilNormal temperature, high temperature, viscosity, acidity and alkalinity
Types of traffic - key points for feature selection

2. Diameter size

sizePressure resistancePressure resistance
Diameter Size - National Units

3. Pipe material

pipe materialcommon fluid
Galvanized iron pipegas, liquid
copper pipegas, liquid
stainless steel pipegas, liquid
Aluminum-plastic composite pipegas, liquid
Stainless steel composite pipegas, liquid
PVC pipeliquid
PP pipeliquid
Pipe material - common fluid

4. Connection method

Common Flow Meters | Connector Styles

Flange method: There are JIS/ANSI/AMST/DIN and other style joints respectively

Flowmeter Type Concepts - Application (1) First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Flange joint specification

Mouth method: There are PT mouth, NPT mouth, male teeth, female teeth and other styles of connectors

Flowmeter Type Concepts - Application (1) First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Dental joint: internal teeth

Clamping method:

Single Axis Tri-Clamp Tube Clamp - Airfoil
Dual Axis Tri-Clamp Tube Clamp - Middle Hole Type
Three-piece Tri-Clamp

Flowmeter Type Concepts - Application (1) First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Clamp connector: pipe clamp

5. Fluid: viscosity, temperature, pressure, pH value, conductivityRate

Does Viscosity Affect the Flow Meter?

For example, if the detection method of the flowmeter is flow velocity, this class will be affected by the viscosity image

Does normal temperature and high temperature affect the flowmeter?

As long as there is a circuit board chip in the electronic flowmeter, the temperature resistance coefficient of the chip is 70 degrees Celsius. Of course, high-temperature fluids are generally designed to separate the display processor from the measurement chip to protect the circuit board.

Does pressure have a big effect on flow meters?

The flow velocity is caused by the high pressure flow of the pipeline itself to the low pressure. The greater the differential pressure, the faster the flow velocity, and the relatively high pressure of the pipeline itself. Of course, it will affect the stability of the flow velocity. Can be affected by performance accuracy

Will the pH value affect the flow meter?

There are design engineering rubbers in the flowmeter, if the wrong material is selected, it will affect the durability of the flowmeter itself

Does conductivity affect the flow meter?

When choosing an electromagnetic flowmeter, why does the factory always ask about the conductivity of the fluid, because the electromagnetic flowmeter relies on a certain conductivity to measure the flow, can relatively pure water be used in the electromagnetic flowmeter, of course not, because pure water itself is a non-conductive medium

6. Flow unit: L/min, m3/hr, gallon/min

Velocity x cross-sectional area = flow rate

Flow unit:How much area passes through how much fluid per minute, per second, per hour
The weight unit is not included in the flow unit, so why can the weight unit be displayed in the high-end version of the vortex flowmeter

Because only the vortex flowmeter itself can be used with a pressure gauge and a thermometer, the vortex flowmeter is often designed to measure the amount of steam used in calculations.

7. Confirm use: instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, alarm output,

Flow meter use:

How much is run in the pipeline:This type is called instantaneous flow, how much fluid passes through each unit cross-sectional area

How much the pipeline runs per month and per year:This type is called accumulative flow, and the monthly and annual daily usage is calculated through the instantaneous flow unit time set by the flowmeter itself

Alarm output usage:Generally, the alarm output is used to understand the current status of the pipeline when the fluid in the pipeline is empty or under high pressure or on-line.

8. Confirm electrical output: dry contact, analog output, communication output

Types of electrical output of the flowmeter

Dry contact output: action mode has NO, NC/electrical characteristics have dry contact, ABC and relay
Analog output: electrical characteristics are 4~20mA, 0~5VDC, Pulse pulse output
Communication output: electrical characteristics include RS485, RS232, WIFI, IoT, NB-IoT, GRPS