Weak current engineering construction

The difference between weak current engineering and weak current industry

The weak current project is a hidden project, and it is also the connecting nerve of the smart home.

The difference between weak current engineering and weak current industry First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.
Weak current engineering construction

Compared with strong electricity, we probably know very little about weak electricity retrofit. In addition to strong electricity, weak electricity is also a very critical item in building design and renovation. Today, FGT will share with you the engineering department's strategy for the transformation of weak current projects over the past 20 years. Smart home and smart home are the direction of project development, and weak current is the key basic project for realizing a multi-functional and high-smart home environment. Many people have no concept of what weak electricity is and how to plan and layout, which is not conducive to creating a comfortable and intelligent environment. So let's first understand the basics of weak current.

Design composition

First of all, the wiring and laying of outdoor weak current cables in residential areas is an important part of the smart community weak current engineering design, and plays an extremely important role in the overall planning of the entire community construction project. Secondly, the laying cost of outdoor weak current cables accounts for a large part of the total investment in smart systems.
The weak current engineering system has high technical content, long construction period and complex process. The technical specifications and standards of the weak current industry are not unified. There are drawbacks in many links in the construction of the weak current system, and the quality management and market access are also unsatisfactory. Unqualified system integrators, engineering contractors and suppliers flood the market. There are many related issues. First General Technology Co., Ltd. is a weak current integrated wiring construction, security monitoring installation, dedicated to providing end-to-end communication solutions for industry users and continuously improving customer satisfaction.
The weak current major is simply a master who specializes in designing basic power distribution and weak current engineering.

What are the weak current boxes?

Power distribution low-voltage distribution box: generally

Application in | Basic weak current engineering

Distribution box, weak current box, telecommunication cabinet, optical fiber box, electrical box, hand hole.

Application in | Use inside residential house

The weak current is integrated into the main box and the sub-room weak current box.

The extra design content of the smart house
  • intercom system
  • Use of indoor walkie-talkie system: In addition to talking with building property management, the new generation is upgraded to a smartphone-like mobile APP that can be freely installed.
  • AI voice system
  • Add a more experiential voice interaction, in addition to the mobile phone, you can control all smart home devices in the house by speaking
  • WIFI system
  • Exclusive 488 protocol method, exclusive network router settings, to avoid conflicts with the WIFI system of the residents
  • network system
  • Cat 6 has become the standard in the construction industry, enabling 5G Internet access and 1G network bandwidth, which is a neglected part of many buying a house

Smart weak current design | need those professionals

Organize the review of the planning and design of weak electricity drawings, discuss and approve the construction design and construction plan of the project; prepare technical specification documents for strong and weak electricity bidding, and summarize the evaluation opinions of various departments; the following needs to be used

Electrical Technician

Weak current technician

system integration designer

interface engineer

cloud engineer

web engineer

Technical specification for strong and weak electricity bidding

Technical Specifications for the Installation of Telecommunications Equipment Inside and Out of Buildings – National Communications Commission
BookspecificationIt is suitable for the design of telecommunication equipment inside and outside the building and its space setting,constructionand testing. … 16.4.2 The self-provided telecommunication handhole pipes in the same building base shall, in principle, be combined with otherlight electricityThe system is set separately, such as environment special

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