ECC200 Artificial Intelligence Building System|Smart Building Label|Light Current Engineering

ECC200 Artificial Intelligence Building System|Smart Building Label|Light Current Engineering

Smart building is a real cloud-local dual system | Smart building label central monitoring system [in line with NCC review standards\smart building materials] | Functions include: energy management monitoring | weak current equipment monitoring | management committee automation | property management automation | community announcement automation | Community payment automation | Community shopping automation | Multi-language support: Chinese/English/Japanese/Vietnamese/Thai | Compatible with multi-national environments | APP used by multiple people

ECC200 AI today is all about building a technology that captures what we do as humans and tries to automate it using machine learning to build models based on training data on past behavior. Another industry term I see is "augmented intelligence". It's about using AI to help us do our jobs better rather than replace us, such as making decisions faster using large amounts of data.

"Smart Building Mark" (Smart Building Certification)

It is a certification system developed by the Taiwan Building Center (TABC) under the Ministry of Interior of Taiwan. It aims to promote the concept of smart living space and promote the development of domestic smart buildings.

Here are some key points about smart building labels:

This certification system was established by TABC in 2002 to encourage the development of smart buildings in Taiwan.
The system is based on nearly a decade of research and aims to promote the use of smart technologies in building construction and management.
This certification evaluates buildings based on their degree of automation, human-centered management and overall intelligence.
Smart Building Certification is for building managers, owners and users who meet the eligibility criteria.
The goal of this certification is to enhance the automation and intelligence of buildings, improve their management, and extend their service life.

If you have more specific questions about smart buildings, please feel free to ask!

How artificial intelligence can make buildings smart to smart homes


Smart Buildings: Buildings of Hope for the Future

Smart buildings are a buzzword these days. But what's going on here? Well, we don't have a generally accepted definition to cite. In short, a smart building can be called an automated structural model capable of responding to real-time events. The idea behind the concept is to provide users with a hassle-free experience while using energy efficiently. Earlier, buildings were deployed with CCTV surveillance cameras, smoke detection sensors and other light sensors to improve safety and efficiency. There are several other smart sensors embedded in buildings today, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. Cameras and actuators are installed throughout the building. The data generated by these sources connects different building components and allows them to interact with each other. With such comprehensive data and intelligence, building managers have full transparency and control over the different systems of the building. With occupant comfort, safety and security in mind, managers can fine-tune operations to enhance tenants’ living experience.

Smart buildings can not only fully take care of the comfort and safety of occupants, but also save energy and finances. Now, combined with the Internet of Things, AI is also helping to make smart buildings smarter than ever.

Building developer smart house

Actively optimize energy consumption smart house decoration

Based on these factors, an AI-based energy management platform can determine when there is less sunlight or larger users to blow the right amount of air into the room. It can even determine, based on usage patterns, a reasonable time to pre-cool buildings when energy prices are at their highest or reduce cooling when activity is low.





Types of

central monitoring, control panel, cloud

Building Central Monitoring | Cloud Integrated Management Platform

Building central monitoring | Conforms to the regulations of the smart building label

  • It can be connected to the BA central monitoring system of each community, read the equipment monitoring value and abnormal alarm information (only monitoring but not monitoring or demand monitoring scheduling), and store them in the BA cloud integrated management platform
  • The platform has query and report output functions, providing functions such as equipment historical range data and abnormal alarm records
  • Have an open database or provide WEBAPI for system integration of Party A
  • With WEB interface and cloud architecture, it can be accessed through the Internet through computers and mobile devices
  • Must have an account and authority management mechanism, and can set programs and reports according to user roles
  • For service reliability, backup and data backup mechanisms need to be considered
  • From the perspective of a construction company, it is necessary to be able to conduct cross-site control on a single interface

Smart facilities|Equipment operation management platform

asset management system

  • Asset inventory management: formulate fixed asset management system, including: purchase, classification, compilation
    Management procedures such as numbering, registration, filing, and scrapping, as well as information such as quantity, value, operating status, and history records, are management norms for the transfer of rights and responsibilities of assets
  • Formulate management regulations for the use of various facilities and equipment, including: apartment building regulations (not applicable to all buildings that are not distinguished), and management methods for the use of various shared facilities or equipment
  • Asset Repair Department Management System
  • Point Handover Inventory Management System

Equipment Performance Management System

  • Facility Anticipated Needs Assessment and Planning
  • Establish a quality management system
  • Establish management performance evaluation criteria
  • Management Performance Evaluation System

Central monitoring system monitoring integration (BA) provides

  • light monitoring
  • air conditioning ventilation
  • Fire monitoring
  • water monitoring
  • video security
  • Environmental monitoring
  • power monitoring

And so on to carry out the monitoring integration of the Internet of Things to achieve real-time supervision.

Equipment maintenance and operation management

  • Formulate annual equipment management and maintenance plan
  • Formulate management and maintenance specifications for various facilities and equipment
  • Formulate crisis management and emergency contingency plans
  • long-term repair plan
  • Create a long-term repair plan
  • Make a long-term financial plan

Organization Management|Personnel and Facilities Management Platform

Management organization type and establishment:


  • Business responsibility of facility management department
  • Management Unit Responsibilities and Organizational Establishment

Professionals or licensed personnel who are equipped according to the smart building law

Establish facility management personnel (must) management system


  • Basic personnel information
  • service management
  • Work Record and Handover

Establish Mobile Device Facilities|Maintain APP

Mobile Device Facilities|Maintenance APP

  • Access Control
  • parking management
  • Asset Management APP/(Equipment Classification. Equipment Management. Space Management)
  • Repair platform/mobile repair report (maintenance scheduling, repair tracking, maintenance records, manufacturer settings (builders and equipment manufacturers)
  • BA and HA device alarm push

Property management service system and resident APP (customized exclusive APP)

Public management/reservation management/community points and stored value management

  • public appointment
  • appointment reminder
  • Cancellation inquiry and audit mechanism
  • Cash Stored Value Points
  • Stored value rate setting
  • Point execution status
  • Record
  • Details of cash exchange points

Smart Logistics/Notify Parcel Pickup

  • Parcel delivery record
  • receive
  • Take pictures and electronic signature

visitor management

  • Visitor inquiry, filing
  • parking status
  • Refusal setting

Residents can apply for visitor temporary access permit (password or QR Code) online, combined with access control and elevator control functions

postal management

  • Letter sending and receiving record
  • receive
  • photo hand sign
  • Completed (un)processed summary table
  • Delete record query

Duty management (property management personnel) / patrol management

  • QR CODE scan patrol
  • Import into EXCEL
  • Personnel attendance punch card management

Repair management

  • Multi-community data integration for households
  • repair history
  • Abnormal push manufacturer
  • Vendor management

cloud management

  • Stored in the cloud integrated management platform (public cloud)
  • Combining HA shortcut and return function
  • Integrate the function of calling HA APP and returning property management APP

Monitor screen management

  • Provide public key area images
  • In and out time monitoring can be set

environmental information
Building environment introduction, water, electricity, temperature and other abnormalities

Health service/elderly care service
Blood pressure measurement, body abnormality notification


Community Management Platform

community management
Unified entrance platform, builders can have multiple communities at the same time; APP welcome page, content includes APP image, LOGO, photos, etc.

Resident Information/Resident Management/Management Committee Management

  • Resident complaints
  • Household information filing
  • Exclusive message push
  • authority management
  • Handover house management (construction to the management committee)
  • Member list

Administrative Work/Community Information/Announcements/Electronic Messages

  • message inquiry
  • synchronous announcement
  • Album management (or announcement with photo management function)
  • meeting management
  • Community Exchange Discussion Area

Community Site Management

  • Manufacturer Information Query
  • voting platform

Management Committee Management Platform

Community account/financial management/management fee/supermarket payment

  • Detailed query receivable
  • Management Fee Journal
  • Report Receipt Report
  • Delete Receipt Report
  • Management fee and point fee inquiry

Business district information/community group buying

  • Create files for surrounding stores
  • Special Offer Announcement
  • order management
  • Order Report
  • Detailed statistics of consumption
  • Resident Initiation System

asset Management

  • Material construction
  • inventory
  • import
  • asset classification

standard specification

Weak Current System-Specification Book-FGT-R1

If you need a written word file, please read it in the letter

Special needs

Smart Weak Current Project | Requirements
Housing Type
Software System Requirements
Weak Current Engineering Requirements-Public Building Area
Intercom version
Indoor unit size
Smart Home System - Residential House Area
Residential-door lock system
Smart Building Mark (Taiwan)
LEED building label (US | USGBC)
Green Building Three Star Certification (China)
LOTUS Building Mark (Vietnam | VGBC)
Building Marks (India | IGBC)
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