ECC100 Smart Community Platform|Smart Building Label|Light Current Project

ECC100 Smart Community Platform|Smart Building Label|Light Current Project

ECC100 Smart Community Platform|Smart Building Label|Smart House Central Monitoring System|Creator of the Internet of Things + Industry 4.0 System|Based on ECC IOT|ECO Smart Community System

Smart Home Solutions

ECC100 Smart Community Platform
Smart House|Smart House Design|Smart House Mobile01|Smart House Price|Smart House Fees|Smart House Labels|Smart House Ptt|Smart House Decoration|Smart House Trends

ECC IOT-based ECO Smart Community Systems is a community business community linked to the Smart Community Service platform that consolidates communities into 0.1Km commercial establishments, and the community can respond quickly to residents living within 1Km first-class Life service provider, through the user identification and matching mechanism of intelligent cloud life service, combined with access control identification technology, to provide you with comprehensive, typed images, enhancing real estate promoters

What are the benefits of building a smart cloud community?
Smart House|Smart House Design|Smart House Mobile01|Smart House Price|Smart House Fees|Smart House Labels|Smart House Ptt|Smart House Decoration|Smart House Trends

From the hardware model of the households in the past ten years to the ecological business model, especially in 2015, the government proposed the "Internet +" strategy, and "Internet + real estate" promoted the traditional transformation of real estate, which will be the traditional transformation of real estate. The real estate industry of the future. The general trend. Therefore, as a smart community centered on Internet technology, community services and smart homes, this is the best way to transform.

 Building Developer | Smart House Badge Application

 Brand Premium | Smart House Design

Enhance brand value and enhance social awareness of the company in the same industry

 Real estate appreciation | trend of smart homes

Add functional selling points and increase real estate selling points

 Differentiated Marketing | Smart House Price Increase

Provide gimmicks for differentiated marketing

 Intellectual Property|Smart House ppt

Realize intellectual property, improve efficiency, improve owner satisfaction, virtuous circle

 Head of Household | Smart House Demand Side

 Safe and Happy Community | Aspects of Smart Home Life

Cloud access control, cloud monitoring, cloud parking, system networking, creating a safe community

 Healthy and Comfortable Community | Smart Home

Community O2O, food, clothing, housing and transportation, health management without leaving home, comfortable life

 Smart Technology Community | Smart Home Decoration

Intellectual property management, smart home, mobile life, technology community

 Wealth Appreciation Community|Smart House Price

Financial insurance, community P2P, creating value-added space for property and family

 government administration

 Smart City

ECC platforms are interconnected to create an urban network management system for smart city construction

 safe city

Big data of incoming and outgoing population information, cloud computing open interface, building a secure big data platform for urban safety management

 Harmonious Community

Safe linkage, intellectual property management, smart government city convenient services, creating a harmonious community with a happy life

 Prosperous business district

Community O2O, connecting food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment, creating a new community business model in the Internet age

Other smart home hardware

Intercom System|Smart House
Face, swipe card, password multi-function
ecc200 Artificial Intelligence Building System | Smart House
Smart building management system: management committee, property, weak current facilities, energy consumption facilities, public appointments, community group purchases
Smart Home | Floor Extension | Smart Home
Scene mode settings: leave home, go home, sleep, video mode
Smart Home | Smart Door Lock | Smart Home
Doorbell, password, video, mechanical lock, multi-function smart door lock

Q&A Questions and Answers:

1. Are there any disadvantages of smart home?

General labels do not have free scene settings

2. What are the smart home brands?

It is necessary to have a complete set of integral products, and the ECC smart home system integrates the integration of buildings and families

3. Is there a smart home in Taiwan at present?

At present, most of them are in the indoor decoration market, and it is rarely seen in the construction projects that the builders sell directly with them.

4. What else do you need to pay attention to in the smart home system?

A good product should not only have a smart home, but also a supporting building system

5. Smart home Xiaomi, okay?

Pure smart home application, not compatible with other building system automation

Smart home automation

smart home smart home|smart home
|Smart House

home automation(Home automation), refers to the building automation in the home, also known assmart home(smart home). There is also the name of Domotics in English. A home automation system can control lights, windows, temperature and humidity, etc. It may also include home security, such as access control or alarms.

[1]Home automation has three main advantages:

1) Reduce environmental impact: Reduce energy and water usage by controlling window placement, utilizing natural light, ventilation or shading, ensuring that power and light are only activated when power and light are needed.

2) Improve quality of life: Smart homes provide proper heating, cooling, lighting and watering

3) Use automation systems in smart homes to save electricity and water bills and provide a sustainable indoor environment[2].

When connected to the Internet, home devices become an important component of the smart network. A typical home automation system is connected through a centralized hub or gateway. Using a terminal on the wall, a smartphone, a personal computer, or a web interface as the user interface to control the system, it is also possible to achieve off-site operation through the network.

Although there are many competing manufacturers, there are not many common industrial standards in the world, and the smart home space is seriously fragmented.

[3] Manufacturers sometimes prevent independent implementations through withholding documents and lawsuits.

[4]The market value of home automation in 2013 was about $5.77 billion, and it is predicted to reach $12.81 billion in 2020.[5]

At present, the platforms with the most users in the world are Amazon's Alexa, Google's Google Home and Apple's Homekit. In order to solve the problem of smart home fragmentation, Google and Amazon, Apple and Zigbee Alliance jointly launched the "Project Connected Home over IP" program.

Application and technology

According to Li[8]The statement of et al. There are three generations of smart homes:

  • The first generation: wireless technology with proxy server, such as ZigBee automation;
  • The second generation: artificial intelligence-controlled electronic devices, such as Amazon Echo, Apple Homepod, Google Home, Xiaomi AI Speaker (Xiao Ai), Xiaodu Speaker, Tmall Genie;
  • The third generation: robot partners that can interact with humans, such as Robot Rovio, Roomba;


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Types of

central monitoring, control panel, cloud







construction management

SHC Smart Community

    • E-Property
    • Convenience service
    • Value-added services

Property management

PMS Property Management Community

    • Cloud access control
    • Cloud Parking
    • Cloud CCTV

home automation

HAC Tech Community

    • Smart Home Automation
    • Security monitoring
    • remote control

Community store management

Eshop Convenience Community

    • community shopping
    • Surrounding business district
    • E-Electronic Bank Payment

health management

EHC healthy community

    • Environmental monitoring
    • health management
    • community health

standard specification

Weak Current System-Specification Book-FGT-R1

If you need a written word file, please read it in the letter

Special needs

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