PMS100 Type: Power Monitoring System

PMS100 Type: Power Monitoring System

PMS100 system | The number of global installations exceeds 100 sets per year "We simplify complicated things, the only one in the industry that adopts operator and expert manager classification interface technology"『power monitoringand managementsystem』Adopt IoT and programmable controller PLC parallel stable design, with alarm message management, dynamic power single-line diagram of power facilities, simple operation interface, routine EXEVCEL report production, to meet the needs of users inelectricityMonitoring, demand management, inspection meter reading, two-stage electricity price scheduling, etc.: Power monitoring|Energy management|Power consumption information|WEB+PC interface+APP|Trend graph+Historical data|Alarm setting|

PMS100 Power SCADA (Power Monitoring System)

(Power Energy Management & Demand Control System)

Introduction of PMS-100:

1: The purpose of PMS-100:

With the evolution of green energy, power monitoring systems are provided by supply resource equipment, such as air conditioning systems, generators, lighting, computer rooms, commercial equipment, toll buildings, etc. It is necessary to obtain various energy savings through effective power consumption and power quality analysis The measure is to achieve the main goal of reducing energy consumption and power management.

 Specification Type:
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 Main functions of PMS-100

  1. Basic Power Control
  2. Maximum demand control output
  3. Power quality analysis
  4. Historical data query function
  5. reporting function
  6. Remote remote control function (client/server)
  7. Web server browser monitoring
  8. Electricity Dispatching Control System
  9. 360 degree motion operation
  10. Smartphone Monitoring

 System Architecture Diagram


 Application areas:

  1. government offices, schools
  2. Multi-site large hotels, large supermarkets
  3. Power system industry
  4. petrochemical industry
  5. Building construction monitoring
  6. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  7. Warehousing and transportation industry
  8. public transport business
  9. Multinational factory demander



building, factory

Types of

central monitoring, control panel, cloud

Technical Specifications

pms100 power monitoring
pms100 power monitoring

standard specification

PMS100-Specification Book-FGT-R8-Sample
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Special needs

Central monitoring
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Electrical System
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