FMCS400 type: whole plant central monitoring system

FMCS400 type: whole plant central monitoring system

FMCS400 is a cloud-based cross-platform | can integrate weak current systems | build a whole factoryCentral monitoring system, Integrate relevant subsystems such as electricity, air conditioning, special gas, water treatment, safety protection, etc. in each district, and receive and transmit information from each system through a single management platform to achieve the purpose of integrated monitoring

FMCS-400 Central Monitoring System for Whole Plant Facilities

FMCS (Facility Central Monitoring System)

(Cloud smart factory management and control central monitoring system)

FMCS introduction:

1.: The purpose of FMCS:

The new version of FMCS400 features the Smart KPI analysis system. It is designed to meet the needs of multinational and cross-regional smart factories as well as Industry 4.0 users. It is a comprehensive source of support and cross-platform design. It uses the FGT cloud telecom data analysis host to proactively provide performance computing, thereby saving the investment host cost of the group company

The only one that has the ability to connect two-way and enterprise ERP, not only has PLM, MES single system functions, but also has docking and open database data docking technology

 FMCS function

 FMCS main function

  1. Receive operational data, status and alerts for each subsystem
  2. Trend
  3. Historical data graph
  4. Remote cross-platform monitoring
  5. Troubleshoot anomalies and faults
  6. Troubleshooting Exceptions and Failure Conditions
  7. Create an operating model
  8. Modify control strategy
  9. Smart active inspection
  10. Decision Analysis Report
  11. Cross-platform design

 Multiple subsystem types:

Equipment system selection

  1. CleanroomCleanroom system:
  2. PCWIndustrial cooling water system
  3. AASExhaust emission reduction system:
  4. UPWUltrapure water system:
  5. WWTWastewater treatment system:
  6. gas supplysystem:
  7. Chemicalssupply system
  8. HVACHVAC system:
  9. disaster escapefiresystem:
  10. Process vacuumsystem
  11. CVClean the vacuum system
  12. CDACompressed Dry Air Supply System
  13. electricitysurveillance system
  14. DynamoParallel system
  15. access controlalarm system
  16. CCTV/IVSImage Analysis System
  17. ERPData Concatenation Service

 Application areas:

Application industry:

  1. electronics industry
  2. petrochemical industry
  3. Building central monitoring
  4. Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. Warehousing
  6. Public transportation centralized management application
  7. Multinational multi-factory central monitoring
  8. cGMP plant formulation application
  9. Industry 4.0 process central monitoring application
  10. IoT Monitoring Application
  11. Decision Analysis Applications

standard specification

If you need a written word file, please read it in the letter

meet design standards

Taiwan Smart Building Label
Taiwan Smart Building Label
Green Building China Green Building Label
Green Building China Green Building Label
lotus Vietnam Green Building Label
lotus Vietnam Green Building Label
leed American Smart Building Label
leed American Smart Building Label
igbc india green building mark
igbc india green building mark

Special needs

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Electrical System
Monitor Screen Requirements
Weak current system
Monitor Screen Requirements
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