L600 Facial Recognition Electronic Lock waferlock|Smart Building Label|Weak Current Engineering

L600 Facial Recognition Electronic Lock waferlock|Smart Building Label|Weak Current Engineering

L600 face recognition electronic lock waferlock|smart building label|weak current project: door opening method: face recognition/card sensor/password input/App (optional)/mechanical key

L600 Facial Recognition Electronic Lock waferlock|Smart Building Label|Weak Current Engineering


  • Door opening method: face recognition / card induction / password input / App (optional) / mechanical key
  • Number of users: face recognition: 50 groups
  • Card and PIN: 2,000 groups
  • Wireless technology: MIFARE / Bluetooth (optional)
  • Contact: 12V trigger to open the door (optional)
  • Applicable door thickness: 40mm ~ 100mm
  • Power supply:

CR123A lithium battery x 2

9V backup power supply

12V room electricity

Battery life: use 10 times a day to open the door, up to more than 1 year

  • Applicable temperature range: -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Certification: CNS60A Fireproof


Special feature

safety protection

● The door lock has passed the Taiwan CNS60A fireproof certification to further protect your indoor property safety
● Anti-theft alarm can be set, which can effectively prevent attempts to open the door with mechanical keys or strong damage
● Auto-lock: Automatically locks the door when you close it, so you can always keep your home safe even if you go out in a hurry
● Suitable for any season: temperature range from -20°C to 60°C
● Concealed fixing screw design, which further improves safety and maintains a beautiful appearance

Humanized operation|beautiful appearance

● Zinc alloy panel is integrally formed by die-casting, three-layer electroplating process, combined with fashionable and beautiful matte black color, applicable to all new door design styles
● Humanized electronic screen operation design
● Voice prompt: It has three human voice modes: Chinese, English and mute, and can notify the user of the door lock status at any time
● Suitable for emergency exits: In an emergency, simply press down on the handle to escape the room simply and easily
● Large storage capacity: up to 2,000 groups (2022 version)

Super battery life

● Use 10 times a day to open the door, the battery life is more than 1 year
● Low battery human voice voice notification, no need to worry about battery power problems at any time
● Emergency power supply: When the battery is completely out of power, use a 9V battery outdoors to supply power by touching the power supply
● Energy-saving and power-saving design: wake up the circuit only when the electronic lock is required, greatly reducing power consumption

Application field

Medium and large residential communities

Elevator residences of any size|Towards a smart building together
Whether it is a medium-sized luxury building community, a large elevator residence, or even a super-large residential community with thousands of households
Integrate all hardware equipment and software systems with the highest standard of security access control, central monitoring, and unmanned management

small residential community

No logistics or management personnel | Unmanned intelligent management
Safe and organized protection of all community residents even without an administrator
A new generation of access control, home delivery management, smart unmanned, lane control, integrating all hardware equipment and software systems

Interior design

Any design style can be matched|Infinite Possibilities
Whether it's electronic locks, intercoms, light switches, controllers and speakers
A variety of design styles, combined with smart integration, create infinite situations

What is an electronic lock? What are the advantages?

Electronic locks (or smart door locks) refer to smart products that can easily unlock the door using remote apps, Bluetooth, proximity cards or easy cards, fingerprints, passwords, etc. without a physical key. In addition to a variety of unlocking methods, which saves the trouble of looking for keys in the bag, the electronic lock also has a variety of alarm functions, which can instantly notify when an abnormal situation is found, and can also check the unlocking records, making people more convenient in use. Safety and home security have been greatly improved, and it has become one of the popular home appliances for modern smart homes!

Smart Locks: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

l600 face recognition electronic lock waferlock|smart building label|weak current engineering first general technology co., Ltd.|first general technology inc.

Electronic lock recommendation|Electronic lock recommendation mobile01

For the application of building and smart building labels, we recommend electronic locks with fire protection certificates, because the installation of such locks in general residential complexes is an open space directly facing the elevator, and regulations stipulate that such electronic locks need to be taken into consideration. inside the firefighting space

Disadvantages of Electronic Lock|Electronic Lock mobile01

  • The battery needs to be replaced regularly
  • The usage habit is different from the operation, and a small number of people cannot get used to it
  • It is a precision electronic product, and more details should be paid attention to when using it.
  • Installation restricted environment, door lock type
  • higher price

Electronic Lock Comparison

The difference between electronic locks and traditional door locks?
 compare items  traditional door lock  Electronic locks
 unlock method  Traditional key to open the door  Fingerprint, password, card, remote app control
 convenience  The door can only be opened with a key
Unlocking is slow
Can't lock automatically
 Multiple unlocking methods, no need to carry keys
Unlock speed within 1 second
Automatically lock the door
 safety  risk of vandalism
Keys are easy to copy
No monitoring access and alarm function
 High security, not easy to damage
Virtual password can be set, which is not easy to be cracked
You can check the unlock record on your mobile phone
Alarm function, instant notification of abnormality
 price  lower  higher
Are there other types of electronic locks for indoor use?

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Types of

central monitoring, cloud

Product Size

l600-Product Dimensions-Electronic Lock
l600-Product Dimensions-Electronic Lock

meet design standards

cns 60a
cns 60a fire protection certification

Special needs

Central monitoring
Budget assessment needs (please prepare the following information)
monitoring interface
interface language
Electrical System
Monitor Screen Requirements
Weak current system
Monitor Screen Requirements
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