ECC200P series|License plate recognition lane system engineering|Smart building label|Light current project

ECC200P series|License plate recognition lane system engineering|Smart building label|Light current project

ECC200P Lane Management System | Conforms to Smart Building Evaluation/Planning and Design: Dualidentifyparking managementsystemcombinelicense plateand electronic tags (eTag), the two current mainstream parking lotidentifyway; uselicense plate recognitionThe image of the vehicle is checked, when the weather orlicense plateproduced by itselfidentifyWhen there is a problem, it can also integrate mobile app cloud visitor access

ECC200P license plate recognition system + ETC (Etag) barcode system (true dual system parallel)


License plate recognition system and etag system
Dual systems: license plate recognition system and etag system

AI parking lot license plate recognition system

  • Etag system integration:Yuantong ETC e-tag tags can be integrated, so there is no need to worry about the waste caused by dismantling the existing system.
  • AI license plate recognition system:Through AI algorithm model learning, the recognition rate can reach up to 99.99%, and the recognition speed can be as fast as 0.02 seconds. In addition, black and white lists can be set to control the entry and exit of vehicles.
  • Barrier machine and subtitle machine integration:The barrier machine and subtitle machine can be integrated, so that the LED subtitle machine at the entrance can display the license plate number, and the barrier machine automatically releases whitelisted vehicles. One-stop smart vehicle identification system solution
  • Perfect integration of peripheral systems and equipment:ECC200P vehicle recognition system not only provides basic vehicle recognition system equipment, such as license plate recognition host, central management system, license plate recognition dedicated camera, but also integrates peripheral equipment such as barrier cameras, rolling doors, fill lights, vehicle sensors, and voice emergency intercoms.

License plate recognition host

  • License plate recognition central management system
  • license plate recognition software authorization
  • Camera for license plate recognition
  • Integrate existing fence machines/rolling gates
  • fill light
  • vehicle sensor
  • voice emergency intercom

ECC200P Vehicle Identification System|What are the advantages?

Advantage #1: Vehicle entry and exit records are kept clearly
The license plate recognition central management system clearly records and retains the management screen of each vehicle entering and exiting the parking lot
Advantage #2: I can do it from any angle
Exclusive identification AI algorithm, learning in diverse fields can accurately identify whether it is straight, horizontal or oblique
Advantage #3: Night recognition is just as good
Professional license plate recognition camera with fill light, night recognition is just as good
Advantage #4: Automatic integration
At the same time, there is an ETC system that does not need manual input, as long as it enters the venue at the same time, it can automatically integrate the peripheral accessories of the smart parking lot
Advantage #5: multi-vehicle multi-person group management

License plate recognition at night
License plate recognition at night
Special application commentary

The computer cross-compares the user and the license plate database, whether it is multiple vehicles sharing a parking space, time management, or multiple vehicles with multiple spaces, it can be clearly managed.
♦ Scenario 1: Company A registers [5 vehicles, 2 parking spaces]. If the entering vehicles exceed the registered parking spaces, and the third vehicle wants to enter the venue, the gate will not be opened.
♦ Scenario 2: Mr.A can use the parking space from 8 am to 6 pm, and he will not be allowed to enter the venue earlier than 8 am or later than 6 pm.
LINE graphic bulletin

Establish a license plate database for easy management, combined with the communication APP with the highest usage rate by Chinese people, to grasp the most real-time information at any time
♦ Scenario 1: The person who owes the management fee enters the parking lot, and the manager receives the notification immediately and can go to deal with it.
♦ Scenario 2: When a habitual parking offender enters the parking lot, the police station can immediately monitor the tracking screen to confirm the situation after receiving the notification. (Combined with the parking space warning system)

Information security prevention

Stop private transfer of parking spaces

License plate management, can not be copied, copied [truly safe and secure environment]
♦ Etag management loopholes: Unscrupulous operators copy the etag tags, causing management loopholes and losing control purposes.
♦ Remote control: users can go to a locksmith for backup in private.
♦ Personnel control: Improper guard control.

License plate recognition system download | installation and requirements

  • system requirement
    Intel i7 or higher CPU
    Intel® HD Graphics or better,
    UP AI Core XM 2280,
    Intel® Movidius™ NCS2 computing stick x 2, NVidia memory above 4G, cuDNN10.2, CUDA 10.2
    Operating system memory 16G or above

License plate recognition software support countries

  • License plate recognition support countries
    Europe: Italy, Turkey, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Croatia, United Kingdom
    Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Amman, Dubai
    Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia
    United States, Guam, Puerto Rico

ECC200P adopts multilingual interface technology

What is a license plate recognition system | Principles of a license plate recognition system

Vehicle License Plate Recognition (VLPR) is an application of computer video image recognition technology in vehicle license plate recognition.

License plate recognition technology requires the ability to extract and recognize moving license plates from complex backgrounds, and identify vehicle license plates through license plate extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, license plate character recognition, and other technologies. The current technical level is letters and The recognition rate of digits can reach 96%, and the recognition rate of Chinese characters can reach 95%.

License plate recognition is widely used in highway vehicle management, and in electronic toll collection (ETC) system, it is also the main means of identifying vehicle identity combined with DSRC technology.

In parking lot management, license plate recognition technology is also the main means of identifying vehicle identities. In the "Technical Requirements for Acquisition and Transmission System of Vehicle Image and Number Plate Information in Parking Garages (Fields)" constructed by the government, license plate recognition technology has become the main means of vehicle identification.

License plate recognition technology combined with Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) to identify vehicles, passing vehicles do not need to stop when passing the crossing, that is, automatic identification of vehicle identity and automatic toll collection can be realized. In parking lot management, in order to improve the efficiency of vehicle traffic at the entrance and exit, license plate recognition is aimed at vehicles that do not need to collect parking fees (such as monthly trucks, internal free-passing vehicles), and builds unattended express lanes, free of card collection, and no-parking entry and exit experience. Management mode for entering and exiting the parking lot.

Many passengers who come to the airport or shoppers in hypermarkets find that when they enter the entrance of the airport parking lot, they do not need to stop to take the card, but directly enter the parking lot. When driving out of the parking lot, the display screen in front of the exit toll booth will automatically display the payable fee – this is the latest parking lot license plate recognition system introduced by Tianjin Airport.

ECC is the first choice of license plate recognition system manufacturers, together with the smart building design team


Advantages and disadvantages of license plate recognition system 

  • What are the factors that affect the accuracy of license plate recognition:
    Vehicle speed: There is a big difference in the camera setting conditions required to perform license plate recognition for high-speed moving vehicles and stationary vehicles; if the shutter speed of the camera is set to be slow for high-speed vehicles, the image may be blurred, resulting in software Unable to read. A shutter speed of 1/500 second is suitable for vehicles traveling at 70 km/h, while a shutter speed of 1/250 second is suitable for vehicular traffic at 20 km/h. In addition, when the traffic is slow, or when the position of the camera is close to the same horizontal line as the position of the license plate, and the vehicle is quite close to the camera at a certain angle, the shutter speed should not be too fast.
  • Ambient light: Improving the contrast of the image is an important key factor in the accuracy of license plate recognition. The higher the contrast, the higher the probability of correctly identifying the license plate. Therefore, appropriate ambient illumination allows the license plate to produce an excellent contrast image, which is the basis for license plate recognition. first step. Too strong light will cause the image to be overexposed, while too dim light will produce too much noise, both of which are not conducive to improving the contrast, so the camera must adjust the shutter speed during the day and night, and at the same time must increase the infrared light or The white light acts as light compensation. Generally speaking, the license plate recognition accuracy of black and white images is higher than that of color images, so it is recommended to use black and white cameras for license plate recognition.
  • Clear images: Poor focus, blurry images with fast motion, overexposure, reflections or shadows cause low contrast due to light differences. These factors affect the clarity of images and will greatly reduce the accuracy of license plate recognition.
  • Shooting angle: License plate recognition has certain physical limitations. The license plate number in the image is too low in pixels and the angle of view is too large to cause recognition errors. The acceptable pixel range of commercially available recognition software is about 16~60 pixels (Pixels). The depression angle is about 20~45°, and the license plate offset angle is about 5°~10°.
  • License plate numbers in various countries: License plates in different countries or states use different fonts, number colors, and background colors. These factors will affect the accuracy and accuracy of license plate recognition, so different countries often require different license plate recognition engines.

How does the police use the license plate recognition system

Stolen car buster! Police "AI Patrol System" recognizes 10 license plates in 1 second

Reposted by Yahoo News: Quickly assist the police to solve the problem

License Plate Recognition System Cost|Smart Building Evaluation/Planning Design

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building, factory

Types of

central monitoring, control panel, cloud

Recognition speed

AI image calculation and recognition time is as fast as 0.02 seconds

Entry and exit records

Clearly record and retain the management screen of each vehicle entering and exiting the parking lot

special identification

Angle identification

license plate recognition angle recognition
license plate recognition angle

night identification

License plate recognition at night
License plate recognition at night

Peripheral accessories

Induction coil
Induction coil
led subtitle machine
led subtitle machine
etag reader
etag reader
etag tag
etag tag

standard specification

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meet design standards

Taiwan Smart Building Label
Taiwan Smart Building Label
Green Building China Green Building Label
Green Building China Green Building Label
lotus Vietnam Green Building Label
lotus Vietnam Green Building Label
leed American Smart Building Label
leed American Smart Building Label
igbc india green building mark
igbc india green building mark

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