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Construction of Weak Current Engineering in Collective Housing

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Collection Housing|Construction Company Achievements|Adopting Smart Building Weak Current Design|Taiwan Construction Company|Vietnam Construction Company|China Construction Company|Designed and contracted by the Yiqu Design Team of FGT Multinational Group
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Organic waste gas treatment washing tower, acid mist purification tower improvement project

Design and application of vertical tube flowmeter for washing tower water pump: use FMG electromagnetic flowmeter / improve the problem of the old H-100F float flowmeter, effectively save maintenance costs, developed by Taiwan FGT Instrument Factory with 16 years of engineering practice experience, designed and manufactured by the engineering department, durable life Extend 5 years, improve maintenance and reduce maintenance cleaning and scrubber costs
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Smart residential system and its application in the field of interior design

The smart residential system design has the characteristics of high safety and good sound effect, which can effectively combine with household electrical appliances and management systems to provide users with a comfortable living environment and promote the development of interior design. Conclusion: Smart residential system and its application in the field of interior design.
Weak current engineering construction

What does light current engineering do?

Weak current engineering work content: communication, network, parking lot, monitoring, alarm access control, patrol inspection, access control attendance, public broadcasting, etc. System integration is a highly technical system engineering. To truly integrate a building weak current system, not only the weak current engineering company is required to compare the functions, technical parameters, construction, installation, and debugging of each weak current system product. In-depth mastery, but also a comparison of the building's water supply and drainage system, power supply and distribution system, ventilation and air conditioning system, lighting system, elevator system, etc.
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Smart Building Light Current Engineering | System Introduction and Design Instructions

Weak Current Engineering|Smart Building Weak Current System Design|Integrated Residential Building Weak Current|FGT First General is a weak current engineering manufacturer: building weak current Main contract: building intercom system, smart home network integrated wiring, security (closed circuit monitoring, perimeter alarm, parking lot ), fire protection integration (cloud signal), building control system, etc.