PMS100 Type:Power Monitoring Systems

PMS100 Type:Power Monitoring Systems

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    PMS100 Power SCADA (Power Monitoring Systems)

    (Power Energy Management Demand Controller Systems)


    1:PMS-100 Purpose to use:

    With the evolution of green energy, the Power monitoring system provided by public resources, such as air conditioning systems, Electric motors, lighting, information machine Center, business equipment, Billing buildings needs through the effective volume and power quality analysis and get a variety of different energy-saving measures to achieve lower power consumption and power management of the main objectives.

    Specifications Type:
    Select the type of systems


    PMS-100 Main Function

    1. Base Power controller
    2. Max Demand controller output
    3. Power quality analysis
    4. Historial data query functions
    5. Reporting function
    6. Remove controller function (Client/Server)
    7. Web Server browser monitoring
    8. Scheduling control systems
    9. 360 Motion operation
    10. 3G smart phone monitor

    Systems Map



    1. Government agencies、Schools
    2. Global Hotel 、Hypermarkets
    3. Electric industry
    4. Chemical industry
    5. Buliding construction monitoring
    6. Pharmaceutical industry
    7. Warehousing industry
    8. Public transport industry
    9. Multi-factory of Global area