FMCS400 Type:Facility Monitor and Control System

FMCS400 Type:Facility Monitor and Control System

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    FMCS-400 Facility Monitor and Control System

    FMCS (Facility Monitor and Control System)

    (Cloud Smart Factory Management Control System)


    1.:FMCS of the purpose:

    The new version of the FMCS400 is designed with a Smart KPI analysis system. It is designed to meet the needs of multinational and cross-region smart factories and Industry 4.0 users. It is a comprehensive support source and cross-platform design. It uses the FGT cloud telecommunication data analysis host to proactively provide high unit price calculations that save investment by group companies Host

    The only one has the ability to connect two-way enterprise ERP, not only the PLM, MES single system function, but also the docking and open database data docking technology


    FMCS feature

    FMCS Main Funciton

    1.  Receive operation data, status, and alarms of each subsystem
    2. Trend
    3. Historical data
    4. Remote cross-platform monitoring
    5. Troubleshooting anomalies and faults
    6. Troubleshooting of abnormal and fault conditions
    7. Establishment of operation mode
    8. Modification of control strategy
    9. Smart Inspection
    10. Decision Analysis Report
    11. Cross-platform design

    Multi Systems Type:

    Equipment system selection

    1. Clean Room clean room system:
    2. PCW process cooling water system
    3. AAS exhaust gas reduction system:
    4. UPW ultrapure water system:
    5. WWT wastewater treatment system:
    6. Gas supply system:
    7. Chemical Supply System
    8. HVAC air-conditioning system:
    9. Calamity escape fire protection system:
    10. PV process vacuum system
    11. CV Clean Vacuum System
    12. CDA compressed dry air supply system
    13. Power Monitoring System
    14. Generator Parallel System
    15. Door Alarm access control system
    16. CCTV / IVS image analysis system
    17. ERP Data tandem service


    Application industry:

    1. Electronics
    2. Chemical industry
    3. Building monitoring
    4. Pharmaceutical industry
    5. Storage Industry
    6.  Public Transport
    7. Multinational Multi-Plant Application
    8. cGMP Plant Formula Application
    9.  Industry 4.0 Process Monitoring Application
    10. IoT monitoring applications
    11. Decision Analysis Application