ECC100M Intelligent Video Surveillance System (IVS system)

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    Helmet Violation Detection
    Theft Detection

    ECC100M Intelligent Video Surveillance System

    ECC100M’s software makes both simple. 

    • Building IP Video Management systems is difficult.
    • Building a VSaaS solution is even more complicated.

    ECC100M focuses on the development of Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Server & Event Management System (EMS).

    As for the standard system products on the market such as IP Cam, NVR/VMS/CMS, it adopts an open strategy.

    Any IP Cam that supports RTSP can be used.

    Connecting to our IVA Server, we have integrated many NVR systems  and abroad in cooperation on different projects.


    video analytics-based intelligent surveillance system for smart buildings

    Intelligent video surveillance is the cutting edge video technology that records criminal activity in homes, businesses, and municipalities based to the preferences of the user. Features of Intelligent video systems include tracking a moving target and automatic detection of suspicious activity, which can trigger alarms and alert homeowners and business owners to potential threats. Traditional video surveillance systems are restrained to a simple on and off switch, which results in thousands of hours of fuzzy and often unusable video, making effective surveillance, criminal identification, and monitoring nearly impossible. Intelligent video can provide high definition picture quality as well as night vision technology triggered by motion sensors, so the tape isn’t running while nothing is happening at your location.


    Artificial intelligence for video surveillance utilizes computer software programs that analyze the audio and images from video surveillance cameras in order to recognize humans, vehicles, objects and events. Security contractors program is the software to define restricted areas within the camera's view (such as a fenced off area, a parking lot but not the sidewalk or public street outside the lot) and program for times of day (such as after the close of business) for the property being protected by the camera surveillance. The artificial intelligence ("A.I.") sends an alert if it detects a trespasser breaking the "rule" set that no person is allowed in that area during that time of day.[1]

    The A.I. program functions by using machine vision. Machine vision is a series of algorithms, or mathematical procedures, which work like a flow-chart or series of questions to compare the object seen with hundreds of thousands of stored reference images of humans in different postures, angles, positions and movements. The A.I. asks itself if the observed object moves like the reference images, whether it is approximately the same size height relative to width, if it has the characteristic two arms and two legs, if it moves with similar speed, and if it is vertical instead of horizontal. Many other questions are possible, such as the degree to which the object is reflective, the degree to which it is steady or vibrating, and the smoothness with which it moves. Combining all of the values from the various questions, an overall ranking is derived which gives the A.I. the probability that the object is or is not a human. If the value exceeds a limit that is set, then the alert is sent. It is characteristic of such programs that they are self-learning to a degree, learning, for example that humans or vehicles appear bigger in certain portions of the monitored image – those areas near the camera – than in other portions, those being the areas farthest from the camera.

    In addition to the simple rule restricting humans or vehicles from certain areas at certain times of day, more complex rules can be set. The user of the system may wish to know if vehicles drive in one direction but not the other. Users may wish to know that there are more than a certain preset number of people within a particular area. The A.I. is capable of maintaining surveillance of hundreds of cameras simultaneously. Its ability to spot a trespasser in the distance or in rain or glare is superior to humans' ability to do so.

    This type of A.I. for security is known as "rule-based" because a human programmer must set rules for all of the things for which the user wishes to be alerted. This is the most prevalent form of A.I. for security. Many video surveillance camera systems today include this type of A.I. capability. The hard-drive that houses the program can either be located in the cameras themselves or can be in a separate device that receives the input from the cameras.

    A newer, non-rule based form of A.I. for security called "behavioral analytics" has been developed. This software is fully self-learning with no initial programming input by the user or security contractor. In this type of analytics, the A.I. learns what is normal behaviour for people, vehicles, machines, and the environment based on its own observation of patterns of various characteristics such as size, speed, reflectivity, color, grouping, vertical or horizontal orientation and so forth. The A.I. normalises the visual data, meaning that it classifies and tags the objects and patterns it observes, building up continuously refined definitions of what is normal or average behaviour for the various observed objects. After several weeks of learning in this fashion it can recognise when things break the pattern. When it observes such anomalies it sends an alert. For example, it is normal for cars to drive in the street. A car seen driving up onto a sidewalk would be an anomaly. If a fenced yard is normally empty at night, then a person entering that area would be an anomaly.

    Construction developer

    Business Intelligence

    Integrated Intelligent Security System(IISS)

    • Access door control
    • VMS/NVR
    • Fire Alarm EVER
    • Intercom system
    • Face recognition
    • Parking system
    • POS system
    • IVA Video analysis IP Cam

    Operation Management

    Platform support

    • RWD HTML:Chrome/IE
    • Mobil phone:Andriod/iOS

    Security Management

    • People Attention List Solution
    • Intelligent Access Control Solution
    • People Counting Solution
    • Vehicle Detection Solution
    • Public Gathering Alert
    • Bullying Reporting
    • Theft Detection

    Smart property

    Realize smart property, improve efficiency, improve owner satisfaction, virtuous cycle


    Household owner

    Safe and happy community

    Cloud access control, cloud monitoring, cloud parking, system networking, creating a secure community


    Healthy and comfortable community

    Support temperature detectin use to COVID-19 issue

    Community O2O, food and clothing, health management, staying at home, comfortable life


    Smart technology community

    Intelligent property management, smart home, mobile life, technology community


    Wealth appreciation community

    Financial insurance, financial P2P, creating value-added space for property and households


    Government administration

    Smart City

    ECC100M platform connects with each other to create a city security management system for smart city construction

    • Helmet Violation Detection Solution
    • Human Body Temperature Detection Solution(COVID-19)
    • People Detection Solution
    • People Counting Solution
    • Intelligent Access Control Solution
    • People Attention List Solution
    • Vehicle Detection Solution

    Safe city

    Import and export and population information big data, cloud computing open interface, to build security big data platform for urban security management

    • Aerial Surveillance Solution
    • Mobile Vehicle Surveillance Solution
    • Gunshot Detection Solution
    • Illegal Trash Dumping Detection Solution

    Harmonious community

    Security linkage, smart property management, smart government city convenience service, create a happy life harmonious community

    • Clothes Color Detection Solution
    • Slip, Trip, and Fall Detection Solution

    Prosperous business district

    Community O2O, connecting food, clothing, food, drink, and play, creating a new community business model in the era of Internet

    • TV Wall Solution
    • POS Integrated Solution
  • Smart City&Community

    • Monitor the area, respond to incidents and track objects using surveillance drones
    • Ensure the safety of passengers and driver by video surveillance system.

    PMS Property Management Community

    • Intelligent Access Control Solution
    • People Counting Solution
    • Vehicle Detection Solution
    • Illegal Trash Dumping Detection Solution
  • ECC100M support to HAC Technology Community

    • Smart Home
    • Security Monitoring
    • Remote Control
  • Eshop

    ECC100M can match POS system to Eshop Convenience Community

    • Community Shopping
    • Surrounding Business
    • E-Bank Pay-easy
  • Asset management

    EHC Health Care Community

    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Health Management
    • Community  Health Care 
    • Human Body Temperature Detection Solution
    • Slip, Trip, and Fall Detection Solution