Temperature controller Hanyoung Nux

Temperature controller Hanyoung Nux

Temperature controller

Hanyoung Nux


NP200- Multi input/output, high accuracy (+/-0.1%)
- 30 patterns, 300 segments (1 pattern / 99 segments)
- Heat & cooling PID control
- 3 level PID selection (4 PID groups)
- PID auto-tuning mode 2 types
- Digital input(DI) 7 contacts, User output(UO) 10 contacts
- Communication fuction (RS485/422)

TD510 / TD511 Programmable temperature controller- 1,2-channel control
- multi input (RTD, TC, VDC)
- Various alarm functions
- Communication function built-in (RS485)
- Detachable and expandable structure
- Digital Recorder function (internal memory, SD card storage)
- Contact input (DI) with up to 32 contacts, contact output (DO) with up to 32 contacts
- Color TFT LCD screen with touch panel (640 * 480 resolution)

TH510- High precision control
- Various alarm functions
- Detachable, expandable structure
- Temperature, humidity independent PID control
- Built-in communication function (RS485)
- Digital Recorder function (internal memory, SD card storage)
- Contact input (DI) with up to 32 contacts, contact output (DO) with up to 32 contacts
- Color TFT LCD screen with touch panel (640 * 480 resolution)

TD300 Programmable Temperature Controller- Color LCD screen with touch panel
- 2 channel control
- Up to 100 patterns, 100 segments / pattern (2,400 segments in total)
- PID control
- Various alarm functions (output: 4 contacts, operation: 20 types)
- 8 contacts of digital input (DI), 8 contacts of digital output (DO)
- Communication function (RS485 or RS232, depending on the suffix code)
- Data storage and parameter backup through SD card

TH500- Color LCD screen with touch panel function
- Precise control
- 100 patterns(Total 2000 segments)
- Temperature & humidity independent PID control
- Various alarm functions
- Digital input 8 contacts, digital output 20 contacts
- Communication function (RS232, RS422 / 485)

TH300- Touch panel color LCD screen
- Precise control
- 100 patterns (Total 2,000 segments, 100 SEG / PTN)
- Temperature / humidity independent PID control
- Various alarm functions
- Digital input (DI) 4 contacts, digital output (DO) 12 contacts
- Communication function (RS232 or RS485, selected by the suffix code)

TD500- Touch Panel Color LCD screen
- 2 channels control
- 100 patterns max, 100 segments / pattern(Total 2400 segments)
- PID auto tuning
- Various alarm functions(output : 4 contacts, operation : 20 types)
- Digital input 8 contacts, digital output 16 contacts
- Communication function(RS485 or RS232 depends on the suffix code)

Temperature controller

Hanyoung Nux


VX series high-performance LCD temperature controller - High visibility and convenient view with bright negative LCD
- High input accuracy and excellent control performance
- Durable plastic key system
- Easy setup and maintenance with 5 keys
- Easy internal replacement by front without reconnecting terminal wires
- Multiple devices can be set in batch without separate input power with the loader communication connection.
- Space saving with the 63 mm short body length

ML series- 76,800 bps communication speed
-50 ms sampling cycle (4 channels)
- 4-channel relay / voltage / current output
- 8 Event outputs
- Maximum 31 unit connections
- Stop / Monitor / Operation mode
- Ramp function

SM100 Board type multi channel Temperature controller- Installation space is small due to board stacking method.
- 20 channels integral digital temperature controller.
- ± 0.5 % of full scale display accuracy.
- Various alarm functions. (3 contact outputs)
- Communication functions. (RS485 / 422, RS232C)

KX series- Multi input
- Position of the decimal point selection
- 2 stage step function by the external contact (KX4S)
- Select the output action : reverse action/direct action
- PID auto tuning
- Control Loop Breaks Alarm (LBA)
- Absolute / deviation alarm (high, low, within range)
- input compensation setting

NX series- Fuzzy function, PID auto tuning
- 3Zone PID/group PID 3 types
- Ramp control function
- Heating/cooling control,HBA
- 3 types of set value selection by the contact input(DI)
- Communication function (RS485/422)

AX series  - Multi Input/Output
- High speed sampling cycle (0.1 sec)
- Installation depth : 63mm
- Control output selectable : Reverse operation/Direct operation
- PID auto tuning

DX series- PID auto tuning
- Select direct action / reverse action internally
- High and Low alarm output
- Control Loop Breaks Alarm (LBA)
- Decimal point display and high / low setting limitation
- Retransmission output

Temperature controller

Hanyoung Nux

General type

Non-indicating type HY-1000 / 2000 / ND4- Simple temperature set up
- Proportioning control or ON/OFF control
- Burn out (Output OFF when sensor disconnected)
- Plug in type(simple correcting, checking and exchanging)

Analog indication type HY-4500S / 5000- Proportional control or ON / OFF control
- Convenient temperature setting
- Secondary output built-in (HY)
- Plug-in method (repair, inspection, exchange convenience)
- Burnout function (output OFF when sensor open circuit)

HY-8000S / 8200S / 72D / 48D- Clear Digital indication
- Alarm set up (HY-8200s)
- Simple temperature set up
- Proportioning control

Economical type DF series- Proportional control or ON/OFF control
- Simple temperature setting
- Auxiliary output setting (SUB)
- Clear digital indication
- Simple 8 pin socket type (DF4)


Temperature controller

Hanyoung Nux

Special purpose

HD6- Green house open / close motor control only
- 1-, 2-stage control operation according to set value
- Hysteresis settion by ON/OFF output
- Operation according to temperature and time setting
- 0.1℃ display function

BR6A- Cooling control and heating control selection
- Alarm output and timer output selection
- ON / OFF and proportional control selection
- 0.1 ℃ / 1 ℃ selection
- Delay output time setting

D55- Temperature indication by large LCD
- Temperature unit selection
- Thermocouple selecting function (K, J)
- Indication value hold, max value/min value indication
- Display the individual temperature and temperature
difference by us using 2 contacts measurment input

BX8- PID auto tuning
- Multi inputs (various sensor inputs)


Temperature controller

Hanyoung Nux


BK3- 0.5 % high accuracy indicator
- Simple exclusive indication
- Power voltage 110/220 V a.c
- Character height 14.2/20.0 ㎜ LED applied

TP3- indicates 5 contacts temperature with 1 instrument
- Temperature deviation compensation function in each channel
- channel fix/channel automatic switch selection
- Automatic switching time selection in each channel

HN100- Large size LED display (font 34 x 56 ㎜)
- IP57 water proof type
- Stainless external case
- Suitable for sauna, green house, sports center, vinyl house

BK6-M- User input selection
- Transmission output
- Transmission output scale


Temperature controller

Hanyoung Nux


CV250 Temperature / Humidity Converters· DIN rail and bolt fixing mounting method
· Uniform with DC signal
· Relative humidity calculation by dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature
· Two-wire transmission line is simple.
· Simple signal distribution (low output resistance)
· Linear signal

HMCE-103- Easy to set and change network environment settings
- Supports various connection interfaces (RS232 / RS485 / RS422)
- Open network protocol support
- Available for high-speed network and existing LAN environment
- Accepting common requirements such as industrial automation and medical market
- Up to 3 simultaneous clients can be connected
- Easily upgraded to a dedicated download program

CV310- Conversion from RS-232 signal to RS-485 / RS-422
- 2 kV electrical insulation built-in protection device of RS-232 and RS-485 / RS-422
- RS-485 Echo, Non-Echo function support
- It is possible to set the operation mode by easy switch setting
(terminating resistance activation)
- LED application that enables an easy check of power and data transmission/reception
- Excellent compatibility with fast transmission/reception switching speed
- Max 1.2Km, 256 Node connection available

HY-ER3- Body and cover are connected by hook coupling
structure so they are easily detached by screwdriver
- Using PBT flame retardant material
- IP63 protection structure
- Optimal compatibility with FS-3A float less level switch

FS-3- Easy installation and light weight
- Used in agricultural water, filtration plant,
- sewage disposal plant, and various of surface water control

EM310- 32Mbyte data storage device
- Simple panel installation type (72 x 36 ㎜)
- Memory stick (USB MEMORY STICK)

CV300- RS422/485 Line Drive auto control
- Convert RS232 signal to RS422/485 signal
- Built in electrical insulation/protection device
- between RS232 and RS422/485


Temperature controller

Hanyoung Nux

Thermal Shock Test

TS510 Thermal Shock Test Controller· Damper & elevator method support
· Multi input (RTD, TC, VDC)
· Communication function built-in(RS485)
· Detachable and expandable structure
· Digital Recorder function (internal memory, SD card storage)
· Digital input (DI) max. 32 contacts, digital output (DO) max. 32 contacts
· 5.7" Color TFT LCD touch screen