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Power Metering, Power monitoring|Power quality |SOCOMEC

PreciSense, VirtualMonitor and AutoCorrect technologies are integrated in our energy efficiency product ranges

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DIRIS Digiware AC range

DIRIS A range

Software solutions

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Single-circuit metering, measurement & analysis

The DIRIS A network measurements analysers provide all the necessary information for analysing, monitoring, and supervising the electricity network and managing energy projects. Ideal for applications in industry, infrastructure and data centres, the network measurements analysers are also suitable for:
• Multifunctional: measurement, metering, analysis, energy management, alarms, etc. ;
• Multimeasurement: current, voltage, power, and power factor.
These devices are robust and reliable, and allow accurate monitoring of the electrical network. 
Discover the range of network measurements analysers offered by SOCOMEC. 


Multi-function meters


Multifunction power monitoring devices

DIRIS A-30/A-41

Multifunction performance metering & monitoring device - PMD Energy monitoring


Multifunction performance metering & monitoring device - PMD Multi-measurement


Multifunction measuring unit - PMD - MID multi-measurement


Multifunction meters - PMD modular multifunction meter


Multifunction meters - PMD energy monitoring and event analysis - dimensions 96x96 mm


Multifunction meters - PMD + RCM monitoring energy and fault currents - dimensions 96x96 mm

AC and DC power metering and monitoring systems

SOCOMEC has developed an innovative system called DIRIS Digiware to facilitate the metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality
The system is composed of several modules: control interface, voltage acquisition module, current acquisition modules but also closed, split-core or flexible current sensors.
The system offers key technological advances, starting with easy and flexible installation (Plug & Play) and high performance in electrical energy measurement. It should also be noted that thanks to the 3 types of sensors, the system can be adapted to both new and retrofit installations. 
The DIRIS Digiware system can be used in different sectors, such as industry, the service sector or even in data centres. 
Discover the various meters and multi-circuit measuring devices that make up SOCOMEC's DIRIS Digiware system. 

DIRIS Digiware D and C

Control and power supply interfaces


DIRIS Digiware M

Multi-protocol communication gateways

DIRIS Digiware U

Voltage measurement module


DIRIS Digiware S

Current measurement module with integrated sensors

DIRIS Digiware I

Current acquisition modules


DIRIS Digiware Udc

DC voltage measurement module


DIRIS Digiware Idc

Direct current acquisition module


DIRIS Digiware IO

Digital and analog input/output modules

Software solutions


Monitoring software for energy measurement and analysis



Online service to manage your energy performance

Management software tools


• Easy Config software
• Analysis software
• Webserver function

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