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Autonics' safety light curtains are devices used to detect the entry of persons into dangerous areas of robot operation and to stop machine operation when detected. They are designed to ensure the safety of people working near potentially dangerous machinery. Autonics safety light curtains can operate stably under various conditions such as low temperature, oil, and high pressure. The dedicated software called atLightCurtain allows users to monitor the operating status and setting functions of the SFL/SFLA series safety light curtains.

Autonics offers various models of safety light curtains, including the SFLA30-9, an advanced type with a through-beam configuration and a sensing range of 15 meters. The model consists of 9 pieces and the optical axis is 25mm. The SFLA30-9 is priced at US$949.00.

Please note that Autonics safety light curtains consist of a transmitter and a receiver whose function is to shut down potentially hazardous machinery when an object or person is detected.

Safety products are installed in potentially dangerous or hazardous areas to safeguard personnel from injury and protect equipment from damage.

  • safety light curtains
    Safety Light Curtains

    Safety light curtains are comprised of emitters and receivers. Operation of potentially dangerous machines are turned off when an object or person is detected between the emitter and receiver.

  • safety controllers
    Safety Controllers

    Safety controllers are used to transmit input and output signals of safety devices and prevent dangerous situations.

  • safety switches
    Safety Switches

    Safety switches safeguard personnel from injury and protect equipment from damage in potentially dangerous


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