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Top 5 Flow Meter Taiwan Manufacturers in 2022

We've compiled the best electronic flow meter brands in Taiwan for plumbing projects to help you choose the right one in 2022

We excluded electronic flowmeter import brands and parts without factory registration or flowmeter calibration laboratories

The following are the Taiwanese brand electronic flowmeters that we have compiled the top 5 Taiwanese brands:

  • FGT
  • EMS
  • Finetek


Whether you're designing plumbing in a new development or measuring a flow system in an existing retrofit line, you need to choose an electronic flow meter that meets you and understands the state of the fluid. But with so many brands of electronic flow meters on the market, how should you choose the right one? We created this all-in-one guide to choosing the best Taiwanese brand electronic flow meter for your piping design.

This guide covers:

How and Types of Flow Meters Work?

In the piping design, due to the negligence and lack of experience of the designers, it will cause unreasonable piping layout, inconvenient operation and maintenance, and unsightly appearance. To improve design quality and reduce common-sense errors, we've rounded up these most common flowmeter examples in piping design!

According to the characteristics of the fluid, piping material, piping pressure, piping temperature, piping flow direction, etc. are all considered first, then we start to choose which type of flowmeter is more suitable for us to use in piping design: and do a good job of fluid-related parameter data statistics Such as: pipeline temperature, pipeline pressure, fluid viscosity, fluid velocity, fluid flow, fluid pH, fluid conductivity, fluid

Flowmeter formula
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How is the flow formula of the fluid in the pipeline calculated?

fluid flow formula

fluid velocityis inA measure of the volume of liquid moved in a certain period of time. The flow rate depends on the area of the pipe or channel through which the fluid passes, as well as the velocity of the fluid. If the fluid flowing through the pipeline is liquid, how to calculate the flow formula for the fluid is as follows

A = πR 2,


[R is the radius of the tube. For a rectangle, the area is A = wh,


w is the width,

h is the height.

Flow velocity can be measured in meters per second (m3/s) or liters per second (L/s).

The measurement of liquid volume is more common, 1 m3/s = 1000L/s.

Fluid velocity = area of pipe or channel x velocity of liquid

Q = Av

Q = liquid flow rate (m3/s or L/s)

A = area of pipe or channel (m2)

v = liquid velocity (m/s)

Flow formula problem:

1)The water flows through a circular tube with a radius of 0.0800 m.The speed of the water is 3.30 m/s. What is the flow rate (L/s) of water (L/s)?

Answer: The flow depends on the area of the round pipe:

A = πR 2

A = π (0.0800 meters) 2

A = π (0.00640 m 2 )

A = 0.0201 m2

The area of the tube is 0.0201 m2. The flow rate can be measured in m3/s using the following formula:

Q = Av

Q = (0.0201 m2) (3.30 m/s)

Q = 0.0663 m3/s

The following formula can be used toFlow rate converted to liters per second: 1 m3/s = 1000 L/s.

flow formula of the fluid 02
Velocity formula|L/S

Q = 66.3 L/s2)

2)The water flows through an open rectangular chute.The chute is 1.20 meters wide and the inflow water is 0.200 meters deep. The velocity of the water is through a circular pipe with a radius of 0.0800 meters. The speed of the water is 5.00 m/s. What is the flow rate of the water through the chute in liters (L/s)?

Answer: The flow rate depends on the area of the chute through which the water flows:

A = w

A = (1.20 meters) (0.200 meters)

A = 0.240 m2

The area of water flowing through the slide is 0.240 m2. The flow rate can be measured in m3/s using the following formula:

Q = Av

Q = (0.240 m2) (5.00 m/s)

Q = 1.20 m3/s

The following formula can be used toFlow rate converted to liters per second: 1 m3/s = 1000 L/s.

flow formula of the fluid 03
Velocity formula

【Calculation formulas of pipe diameter, flow rate and flow rate in pipeline design】

The following are some online formulas that will be used before the flowmeter is used in the design pipeline

Flow Rate Calculator | Flow Formula

Volume, flow unit online conversion

Pump Flow, Flow Rate, Pipe Diameter Online Calculator

Pressure Unit Conversion Calculator_Online Calculation Tool

The benefits of flow meters

The pipeline is composed of large-diameter to small-diameter procedures. When the pipeline fluid is used for a long time and the pipeline is old, leakage of the connecting part of the pipeline often occurs. The advantage of using an electronic flowmeter is that it can understand the instantaneous running on the pipeline. How much fluid was there in the past, and it is possible to know whether the average usage of the pipeline is too low or too high under the condition of how long the pipeline has been used, so that maintenance personnel can better understand the risk assessment of whether the pipeline is blocked or leaked

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Electronic Flow Meter

  • What kind of fluid
  • fluid viscosity
  • Line pressure
  • Line temperature
  • Piping diameter

2022 Best Taiwanese Label Electronic Flow Meter Reviews and Comparisons

  1. FGT Electronic Flow Meter

A technology innovator in electronic flow meter manufacturing, FGT introduced semiconductor-grade electronic flow meters in 2008. Its peripheral products have been enhanced over the years, but its mission has remained the same: production and development for engineering designers. Since its introduction, FGTs have been installed in over 26,000 building plumbing and over 850,000 plumbing units. The company also has the most engineering performance reviews in the industry.

In addition to monitoring electronic flow meter data with mobile phones, FGT Cloud IOT also allows you to grant remote access rights to guests, integrate with your monitoring management system, eliminate building plumbing meter reading and the cost of purchasing monitoring software. Features a leading multinational cloud interface and best-in-class mobile app for an improved touchless experience.

use application

  • High Purity Pipeline
  • waste water disposal
  • steam boiler
  • Building water supply and drainage


  • Factory engineering piping specifications are complete
  • The manufacturer itself is also an M&E contractor
  • Output design adopts dual output design
  • Durability Three-year warranty repair


Starting at $1000 for electronic flow meters, in addition to electronic flow meters, there are IoT expansion products that include free use of mobile apps, continuous language support, new features, and instant support through data analysis services and email .

5 flow meter manufacturers in Taiwan in 2022 First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Provide free cloud and mobile application use
  • Wide selection of electronic flow meters for gas and liquid types for plant plumbing applications
  • Wireless and IoT Electronic Flow Meters Supporting Dual Outputs
  • Accept bulk OEM services


  • Small diameter products for industrial equipment are few
  • There are not many electronic flow meters for oil products
  • There are not many mechanical flowmeter products

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  1. EMS Electronic Flow Meter

Founded in 1991, a professional flow meter manufacturer with R&D design, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing management, and after-sales service teams

use application

  • Water business
  • Factory process
  • Commercial building
  • residential building


  • Electronic water meter
  • Plug-in electronic flow meter
  • Possess IoT technology


The starting price of the electronic flowmeter is 1500 US dollars. In addition to the electronic flowmeter, there are also Internet of Things expansion and remote monitoring products, which are registered and sold directly. The price must be directly inquired by the sales team.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Electronic products of water meters have characteristics
  • Have an on-site verification team
  • Focus on electronic flow meters for clean water applications


  • Liquid electronic flowmeter, gas electronic flowmeter products are relatively few
  • It is inconvenient for engineering piping to ask the designer, the overall piping design
  • Remote monitoring only supports some languages

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  1. NEWFLOW Electronic Flow Meter

Founded in 1980, it manufactures instrumentation to meet the application needs of many industries, including but not limited to chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control.

use application

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food Industry
  • natural gas industry


  • Metal tube flowmeters of semi-electronic flowmeters are widely used
  • Piping design and optional design elements such as temperature and pressure
  • Petrochemical piping high pressure electronic flowmeter products
5 flow meter manufacturers in Taiwan in 2022 First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.


Electronic flow meters start at $500, except for electronic flow meters. There are local distributors for joint sales, which can support local purchases in other countries

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The metal tube flowmeter is ready and only needs a small amount of direct current to become an electronic flowmeter
  • High pressure resistance is suitable for petrochemical piping design
  • With on-site pointer display, it is convenient for on-site maintenance personnel to view data


  • Unable to accumulate flow value calculation
  • Horizontal pipeline installation is bulky
  • Does not support current digital transmission, no mobile application function

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  1. FINETEK Electronic Flow Meter

The company was established in 1999, focusing on the research and development and production of various types of material/liquid level sensors, radar level gauges, electromagnetic flow meters, online material moisture meters and other warehousing, process and fluid intelligent instruments and process automation control systems

use application

  • Grain and oil industry
  • Feed industry
  • cement industry
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning industry


  • Switch action electronic flowmeter
  • Suitable for viscous fluids
  • Plug-in installation, no need for engineers to cut pipes for construction
5 flow meter manufacturers in Taiwan in 2022 First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.


Prices start at $200 for switch-type electronic flow meters. Support local agents in other countries to purchase

Advantages and disadvantages


Easy to install and cheap

No complicated display settings required

Wide range of fluid types


The plug-in electronic flowmeter is prone to abnormal action due to inaccurate sensing accuracy.

It does not have the function of calculating the cumulative flow, so it is not easy to judge the long-term condition of the actual pipeline

High temperature pipelines or high pressure pipelines are not suitable for use

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  1. FOTEK Electronic Flow Meter

Founded in 1985, R&D, production, and manufacturing of industrial automatic control equipment. It is a good partner of industrial equipment manufacturing industry. With the concept of customers as friends, it continuously provides industrial equipment customers with customized modification functions that can be batch ordered and fine-tuned.

use application

  • Industrial equipment piping
  • Equipment pipeline monitoring
  • Suitable for small diameter type piping design


  • Small size, easy to install
  • Support insertion type, tooth mouth type electronic flowmeter, suitable for industrial piping design
  • Display with LED design


Electronic flow meters start at $200 to $1,000, and volume pricing can be adjusted based on industrial equipment order quantities

5 flow meter manufacturers in Taiwan in 2022 First General Technology Co., Ltd. | first general technology inc.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Purely small pipe diameter to check flow conditions, simple installation design, easy operation
  • Two specifications of insertion type and tooth type are available
  • Electronic flowmeter products are available for both gas and liquid types


  • Simple function, some products do not have the function of accumulating flow
  • Digital output and IoT functions lack such support
  • Cloud and mobile apps are not supported

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