ECC100V VOIP Phone AND Video Intercom System

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    ECC100V VOIP Phone AND Video Intercom System

    Whatever your application scenarios, ECC100V has an answer. ECC100V smart VOIP intercom solutions are widely used by projects, large or small, in various vertical markets to allow more people to take advantage of smart living and working easily.

    Why IP door intercom systems?

    Why IP door intercom systems?

    Digital communication via an IP door intercom has many advantages, such as:

    – easy planning and installation
    – few components
    – secure communications
    – enabling parallel conversations
    – video telephony
    – telephone directory
    – easy to control and maintain via web server

    Alternatively to SIP, some systems are using the H.323 protocol. However, H.323 requires very powerful hardware and has several disadvantages relating to firewalls and network integration.

    How do IP intercom systems work?

    The transmission of voice and images over Ethernet and by IP is increasingly replacing analog and ISDN-based transmission technologies. Voice communication and image are converted into digital signals and then transported over the IP network by means of a specific protocol such as SIP.

    ECC100V IP Phone Door Intercom System Solution

    Typically, SIP is directly implemented in IP intercom systems with the necessary Ethernet interface. Other adapters or converters are unnecessary. This is especially advantageous in companies which already have IT networks and structured cabling as it allows easy integration of the IP intercom into the existing environment. Existing IT resources can be used without the need for an additional network. The network cable also provides power to the IP intercom system via PoE. Alternatively to a cable connection, intercoms may be operated over WLAN. In that case, obviously no network cable is required but consequently a separate power connection.

    Facial Recognition Door Entry Intercom system

    How to connect my IP intercom system?

    IP phone systems:
    IP door intercoms, e.g. from StentofonBaudisch or Siedle, can be directly connected to IP telephony servers such as AskoziaPBX, allowing to access the intercom from devices provisioned with your PBX, such as your desk phone or smartphone making the door intercom worldwide available for you.

    Public SIP provider:
    Door intercom and IP phone are switched free of charge through a public SIP provider. This requires internet access and at least a DSL connection. This makes the door intercom a worldwide available telephone. Even switching functions, such as opening the door, can be carried out while being on the road.

    Direct connections:
    For the simplest applications, i.e. typically for private applications, the intercoms call the IP address of an IP phone directly through a PoE switch.

    Convenient App based Features Intercom system

    What about video intercom systems?

    Many IP intercoms already include the functionality to potentially act as door intercom. When using a video phone, the clear advantage is video telephony. A video door intercom requires a separate power connection and more band width than a regular door intercom. The received images can be displayed on another IP intercom within the same network, a computer with required software, or a smartphone with video camera and display.

    ECC100V IP Phone Intercom System

    Construction developer

    Elevator Control Integration

    Control elevator to allow visitors to access the authorized floor only or send the elevator to a desired floor, such as summoning it to the 1st floor upon door unlocking to provide seamless entry experience.


    Community-wide Communication System

    Smart intercom is based on SIP, a universal IP communication protocol, allowing communication between any SIP-supporting systems. This offers unlimited communication for residents, visitors, property management, security personnel, service providers, and more.


    Centralized and Remote System Management

    ECC offers on-premise or cloud-based management systems. Both offer remote deployment, operation and maintenance of a large number of devices via a web browser, helping save time and money especially with large installation.


    Smart property

    The ECC100V property management connected different residential buildings spreading across the city under one management portal. Via the portal, the property manager could remotely manage all intercom devices and the tenant, and conduct door release audit with ease. For example, when a tenant moves out, the property manager just needs to modify the resident's profile. Then all access permissions related to this particular resident, such as RF cards and PIN codes, can be revoked immediately through the web portal.


    Household owner

    Safe and happy community

    Facial Recognition Door Entry

    The ECC100V door phone at the building entrance offers AI-powered facial recognition door entry. Your face is your identity. The underlying liveness detection algorithm makes the system hard to be fooled by photos or videos



    Healthy and comfortable community

    ECC100V Door phone support Temperatue function ,Help to solve COVID-19 issue


    Convenient App-based Features

    By subscribing to the ECC100V Smart Cloud Intercom services, residents will be able to enjoy rich intercom features from their smartphones, including video calling, remote door unlocking, alarm push notifications and receiving messages from the property management.


    Home Automation Integration

    The openness of Android enables ECC100V indoor monitors to integrate an application for automated home control. The interoperability enables users to enjoy both home automation services and intercom features right from the indoor monitor.


    Smart Intercom Solutions


    • Increase the value of properties
    • Allow residents to enjoy smart living
    • Offer visitors perfect user experience




    • Greater workplace flexibility for staff
    • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Excellent visitor experience

    Assisted Care & Hospital

    • Greater safety and security, and more convenience for the elderly
    • Enhance operational efficiencies and reduce the service cost for care providers

    Public Space

    • Great system reliability
    • Faster emergency response
  • Fast and Reliable Emergency Calling

    The intercom system is seamlessly integrated with a telecare monitoring center. 100% transmission of the SOS signal reaches the monitoring center with < 10 seconds’ signal delay.

    Flexible Emergency Calling Methods

    Use the touchscreen of the indoor monitor, the voice of a resident or a telecare pendant to make an emergency call.


  • Easy-to-use system

    For the elderly, the whole system like the simple UI of the indoor monitor is easy to learn. For care providers, the system can be remotely operated and maintained from PC.


    It is easy to upgrade the system with new devices or new features, thanks to the openness of smart intercom system.

  • Home Alarm Integration

    The indoor monitor is connected with various emergency sensors, such as door magnet and smoke detector. When a sensor is activated, the indoor monitor automatically raises an alert to the monitoring center, leading to greater home security.

    Mobility Features

    The smart intercom offers a certain level of mobility for the elderly. The telecare pendant is programmed to be able to unlock doors remotely and a Bluetooth speaker allows the elderly to answer calls remotely.