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    ECC100P Public Access and Video Conference Systems Public Rooms - Worldwide Our expert staff has the experience in event management and video communications to ensure you make a successful connection and run a successful event - worldwide. Whether you need to interact with one site or one dozen, FGT VideoConferencing can arrange all the logistics including room reservations, testing, technical support and even catering. Your Video Conferencing Solution Managing multiple time zones, several conferencing sites, local business contacts and event planning can be an incredible barrier to a successful large-scale meeting. By calling on FGT's VideoConferencing to make all the logistical and technical arrangements for you, your organization can focus on the content and purpose of your meeting. Whether your event is a global corporate sales meeting, a legal deposition or a one-on-one job interview, FGT VideoConferencing is your event resource for worldwide video conferencing. Allow us the opportunity to be your number one source for video conferencing rooms and rental. What makes a good Public Access and Video Conference Systems? There are loads of variables to determine the best use of a PA system. For example, a busker needs a speaker that’s light and portable, while a venue owner would need a lot more wattage. But the speaker itself isn’t the only essential piece of gear. The sound you want people to hear has to be captured by a microphone before it’s processed by a mixer and then amplified. Identify what you’re going to use the PA for, what venue you’ll be at, the size of the audience and your price range. All-in-one or portable speakers are best for those who don’t want to delve into the fine details of PA. These contain a built-in EQ (cutting out the external mixer) and a power amp that boosts the voltage of the signal. The benefit of having a portable speaker is that everything is contained in one unit. As the name suggests, it’s relatively small so you can chuck it in the back of the car and you’re good to go. However, you’ll miss out on the larger range of sounds and setups you get with separate components. It simply won’t sound as good as other usually more expensive options. A more refined rig would consist of a microphone, connected to a preamp to boost the line level, then into the mixer, then possibly into a power amp and finally a speaker. These are best for larger venues where you require a higher-definition sound. The downside is you (or some poor roadie) will have to transport all this heavy equipment to the venue and then set it up.Multinational applicationSave money No need to pay for the phone, you can use it online   Increase efficiency Meeting briefing, digitalization at a glance   Apply at any time Smart phone answering, ready to meet   Smart meeting Create smart office management is simpler  Live video streamingSafe and happy recoder  All-in-one designed that integrates recording, video capture, video switch, multimedia storage, and livestreaming. Upgrade level to studio room ECC100P applies IoT, big data, AV streaming, and cloud techniques that enables the integration of multimedia broadcasting, security, environmental control, AV intercom and so on. It realizes smart Studio room and constructs a convenient, comfortable, safe, and happy learning environment. smart solution applies the concept of AV IoT; each space is equipped with a subsystem, which can operate individually. When the room requires announcing messages or controlling the teaching equipment, the operations can be centralized. Another core technique is HD AV streaming with the standard TCP/IP protocol. It enables the system to transmit/receive multi-channel AV sources simultaneously with low latency.   IM message Multi push Support to IM mesage skype,webchat,Line,FB,Whatsapp,Twiter...etc push data   Graphical Control Able to manage operation modes, microphone ON/OFF, microphone ID number setting, camera preset setting, voting, and audio output/input volume control. 4 kinds of software version: WEB, Windows, iPad, and iPhone. Support slot details of the high-order voting function for quick setting. Windows version provides multi-language interface.  Government administrationSmart Meeting Plug & play USB connector: connect to a PC to operate the video conferencing software and play audio sources. Digital coding: you can randomly set or change the ID of each microphone unit, which avoid the difficulties of traditional encoding method. Intuitive Web UI: via TCP/IP internet control, you can manage a meeting via web browsers. Multi-point control: support multiple persons logging in and setting simultaneously. 4 sets of RJ45 ports: for 5 chairman units and 35 delegate units. Password protection: prevent the unauthorized persons from logging in and operating the system. Circuit protection: each port is equipped with circuit protection mechanism, making the entire system safer and more stable.   Smart Lecture hall broadcast Support English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Offer PC and Web UI. Via the software, you can set the operation modes, voice-activation ON/OFF, open-mic qty, mic auto-off, mic ID, and the preset point of the camera. You can adjust the volume of system, AUX, and USB individually. Video tracking modes: OFF/Button/Voice. Password protection: prevent the unauthorized persons from logging in and operating the system.   Smart IoT connection It is combines with many controlling functions, such as Environmental Broadcasting, Emergency Assistance, Door-Lock Security, energy Management. It can be connected to various telephone communication systems (PBX, Private Branch Exchange). Any one telephone in the system can implement remote control of different areas and grouping broadcasting. It also has ability to produce chime music before and after telephone broadcasting. It is equipped with monitor speaker. It allows you to have live sound supervising of the contents of broadcastings, communications and able to adjust volume. It is Equipped with 8CH Input Mixer: 4 x Mics Input, 4 x Aux Input, 4 Sound Input & Separate/ Master Volume Controls & 1 Group of Base & Tremble Volume Controls. With its ” ALL-IN-ONE ” feature, the installer can apply this system with the economical time and the user can learn how to operate it without any professional training course. It creates the ” WIN-WIN Situation ” for dealers/ distributors and end-users. Easy operator Synchronizes with DPS main controller, showing all broadcast status simultaneously. Emergency call and access control records can be shown and edited. Supports multi-computer simultaneous control and sound transmission via Internet/ Intranet With eight playback modes, you can do the general ring and special activity bell broadcast, each mode needs to have more than 80 sets of time setting control. Includes CD player and built-in more than two-style Hemi automatic voice bells. With 10/100 Ethernet network card, can be connected to the remote computer to make fixed clock timing time period data modification, and has remote login software protection function. With output expansion interface, can be connected to the time display, the display time is synchronized.Photo by ZIN NGUYEN / Gamora Mag Plantronics with its GN Netcom wireless headset creates the next generation of wireless headset and other products such as wireless amplifiers. You can get a wireless headset that is completely without wires or one that requires a belt pack aside the creative business belt.  Plantronics with its GN Netcom wireless headset creates the next generation of wireless headset and other products such as wireless amplifiers.

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