Precision Needle Valve Model 2412 Series with Non-Rotating Needle | Kofloc Brand

Precision Needle Valve Model 2412 Series with Non-Rotating Needle | Kofloc Brand

Kofloc Brand Precision Needle Valve 2412 Model Series with Non-Rotating Needle: Able to control minute minute flow rates Very precise, stable ultra-fine flow control up to 1 ml/min Needle Types [Wide Variety] 15 types of needle valve needles available You choose the one that best suits your needs. Non-rotating needle valve needle because the structure of the needle valve allows the rotation of the adjustment screw to be converted into linear motion of the needle type [This temperature compensation system is for #SS1 to #3B-BS]

Kofloc brand

Precision Needle Valve Model 2412 Series with Non-Rotating Needle |

  • Ability to control minute minute traffic
    Very precise, stable ultra-micro flow control up to 1 ml/min
  • Wide variety of needle types
    Choose from 15 needle valve needles that best suit your needs.
  • Non-Rotating Needle Valve Needle
    Because the structure of the needle valve allows the rotating adjustment screw to be converted into a needle-type linear motion, the valve has a longer service life in addition to excellent control performance
  • Excellent temperature characteristics (15-35°C)
    The needle valve has excellent temperature characteristics (flow fluctuations can be kept within a negligible 0.3%/°C relative to ambient temperature changes) due to the temperature compensation system in the needle and orifice of the needle valve.
  • . This temperature compensation system is a utility model for registered optional specifications for pins #SS1 to #3B-BS
    This temperature compensation system is only suitable for gases, not liquids, as the viscosity of liquids may fluctuate with temperature conditions.

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Application field

• For precise control of tiny flows of gases and liquids


Rated flow range see table below
Adjusting screw turns about 12 turns
maximum working pressure 1.0MPa
maximum operating temperature (B) 70℃
(SS) 120℃
Material of parts in contact with fluid (B) Copper, POM, NBR
(SS) SUS316, Fluorocarbon resin, FKM
Applicable fluid gas and liquid
Connection method Rc 1/4 (standard)
Optional Specifications

• Continuous size
• Materials not included in standard specifications


• For high flow, refer to model 2412D
• If the pressure, fluid, flow rate and other operating conditions of the equipment are known, we can advise you on the best needle valve for your equipment. Please use the above table as a reference only.
• Fittings not included with needle valve in standard specification.

KOFLOC Precision Needle Valve: Opening up a new way to control fluids

In the era of continuous advancement of modern science and technology, precision instrument control technology is receiving more and more attention. As an advanced fluid control equipment, KOFLOC precision needle valve has the advantages of high precision, good stability and easy operation, and is widely used in industrial production.

Simplify processes and improve efficiency

KOFLOC precision needle valve is a valve used to control fluids with very high precision and stability. It can accurately control the inlet and outlet of fluid and adjust the flow range, making it suitable for various industrial systems. This brings great convenience and benefits to the company's production line.

Using KOFLOC precision needle valves, companies can quickly adjust the flow of fluids, making the production process more flexible and efficient. Whether the flow is large or small, KOFLOC precision needle valves can accurately control it to ensure stable product quality.

High-precision control, stable output

KOFLOC precision needle valve adopts advanced control technology and has precise flow control capability. It can accurately adjust the flow size according to actual needs to ensure the stability and reliability of the system. In industrial production processes, precise control of fluids is very important, and KOFLOC precision needle valves can meet this need.

Compared with traditional valves, KOFLOC precision needle valves have higher flow control accuracy. It can adjust the flow range and performs well in control accuracy. At the same time, the stability of KOFLOC precision needle valve is also very good, which can ensure continuous operation for a long time.

Simple operation and convenient maintenance

KOFLOC precision needle valve not only has highly precise control capabilities, but is also very easy to operate and maintain. It adopts a user-friendly design and is simple and convenient to operate, even for novices.

In terms of maintenance, KOFLOC precision needle valves are also very convenient. It adopts a modular design, making maintenance easier and faster. At the same time, the material selection of KOFLOC precision needle valves is also very particular, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, ensuring a long service life.


KOFLOC precision needle valve is an advanced fluid control equipment with the advantages of high-precision control, stable output, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. In modern industrial production, it plays an important role in improving production efficiency and product quality.

If you want to master the core technology of fluid control, KOFLOC precision needle valve will be your best choice. Its advanced technology and excellent performance will bring great convenience and benefits to your work.

KOFLOC precision needle valve opens a new way to control fluids!

[Introduction to customer status]
Our company is a manufacturer specializing in fluid control equipment, mainly providing high-precision flow control solutions for various industries. Recently, we faced a challenge: on some equipment that required precise flow control, the existing valves could not meet our flow control requirements.
[Challenge Description]
Our customers require very precise flow control in their piping systems to ensure the equipment can operate stably as required. However, existing valves were not accurate to use and did not meet customer needs. We urgently need a high-precision valve to solve this challenge.
In order to solve the flow control problems faced by our customers, we chose KOFLOC precision needle valves as the solution. This valve takes full advantage of the rotary flow and repeatability capabilities of the 2412 needle, enabling very precise flow control. By installing KOFLOC precision needle valves in the piping, we can ensure more precise control of the equipment.
【Why choose us】
We chose KOFLOC precision needle valve as our solution for the following reasons. First of all, KOFLOC is an experienced fluid control equipment manufacturer, and their products enjoy a high reputation in the market. Secondly, the characteristics of KOFLOC precision needle valve are very suitable for our needs and can meet customers' precise requirements for flow control. Finally, we ensure its quality and reliability through testing and verification of KOFLOC precision needle valves.
【Implementation process】
During the implementation process, we worked closely with KOFLOC to ensure the smooth installation and commissioning of the flow control equipment. Our technical team communicated and coordinated with KOFLOC's engineers to develop a detailed implementation plan and proceed step by step according to the plan. We ensure the correct use of KOFLOC precision needle valves and good compatibility with existing equipment.
By introducing KOFLOC precision needle valves, we successfully solved the flow control problems faced by our customers. Now, the customer's piping system can achieve very precise control, and the equipment operates stably as required. This not only improves the performance and efficiency of the equipment, but also brings higher production efficiency to customers.
[Real customer reviews]
Customers are very satisfied with the performance of KOFLOC precision needle valves. They believe that the control accuracy of this valve is very high and can meet their requirements for flow control. At the same time, the reliability and service life of KOFLOC precision needle valves have also been praised by customers.
【in conclusion】
By introducing KOFLOC precision needle valves, we have successfully solved the flow control challenges for our customers. This not only improves customers' equipment performance and efficiency, but also enhances our company's competitiveness in the field of fluid control. We will continue to uphold high-quality products and excellent services to provide customers with better flow control solutions.

Precision needle valve with non-rotating needle 2412 model series | kofloc brand first general technology inc.

Needle valve principle|
Valve body type

Solenoid valve use | Our performance

Needle valve use   | Our performance

Flow Control Valve Purpose Our performance

Two-way valve use Our performance

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Rated Flow Range Table (Reference)

Rated Flow Range Table (Reference)

The difference between the two sensors can be between 80% and 130% due to operating conditions and instrument errors.
The values indicated in this table and the values actually used by the customer. Please use these values for reference only.

Flow performance when the outlet valve body is fully open to release air

Needle valve # Supply pressure(MPa)(Air at 20℃) Supply pressure(MPa)(Water at 20℃)
0.05 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.05 0.1 0.15
#SS1 0.023 0.047 0.078 0.11 0.15 0.19 0.22 - - -
#S1 0.08 0.11 0.2 0.27 0.34 0.4 0.47 - - -
#1 0.15 0.23 0.36 0.51 0.65 0.79 0.93 0.00145 0.0026 0.0036
#2 0.34 0.46 0.71 1 1.2 1.5 1.75 0.0076 0.012 0.0153
#2A 0.45 0.65 1 1.3 1.65 2 2.3 0.0132 0.0195 0.0245
#3 0.9 1.3 2 2.6 3.25 3.9 4.6 0.026 0.039 0.051
#3A 1.25 1.9 2.75 3.65 4.5 5.3 6.4 0.0365 0.0546 0.074
#3B 1.85 2.5 3.7 5 6 7.2 8.3 0.053 0.076 0.098
#4 4.3 6.2 9 12 15 18.3 22 0.124 0.188 0.234
#4A 8 11 15 21 26 31 36 0.228 0.336 0.417
#5 10 14 21 27 33 40 46 0.294 0.435 0.576
#6 22 31 45 60 75 92 105 0.564 0.834 1.1
#6A 30 41 60 80 100 118 138 0.774 1.19 -
#6B 38 53 82 106 135 160 185 1.28 1.95 -
#7 80 110 160 215 260 285 310 1.84 2.89 -
* Due to operating conditions and instrumental errors, there may be differences between the values indicated (L/MIN)
in the table above and those that are actually used by the customer.
* The values shown in the table above are data for Model 2412L for illustrative purposes only. As compared with the 2412L, flows on the 2412T will
run less smooth when the flow rate increases. It is therefore recommended that the 2412L be used for flows of 5 L/MIN or more.
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