Full PTFE flow valve MODEL 2600-T series for liquids/chemicals | Kofloc brand

Full PTFE flow valve MODEL 2600-T series for liquids/chemicals | Kofloc brand

Kolfoc Brand | This flow valve was developed for controlling water and chemical flow. It maintains a constant flow of liquid and resists fluctuations in primary and secondary pressures.

This flow valve was developed to control the flow of water and chemicals. It keeps liquid flow constant and resists primary and secondary pressure fluctuations.


• Excellent control of liquid flow at a constant rate
Valves composed of high-precision components ensure smooth flow control.
• Not affected by pressure changes
The flow remains constant, preventing primary and secondary pressure fluctuations.
• Use non-metallic material (PTFE) for wetted parts
This resin (PTFE) is ideal for parts that are easily damaged by metal ions.
• Small flow controllable from 100-500 ml/min
Minute flow can also be optionally controlled.
• Model 2600, an all PTFE version, is compatible with nearly all chemicals due to the use of perfluoro O-rings.
(Depending on the type of chemical, some operating conditions need to be met.
Be sure to contact us for information before placing an order. ) • A bubbler (bubble purge tap) is provided in the upper/lower diaphragm chamber
Bubble purging provides the most accurate control during the initial flow setting phase of the operation.


• Ultrapure water analyzer
• Environmental Instrumentation Systems; Food/Chemical Equipment
• Ultrapure water and chemical mixing systems

Standard Specifications

Optional Specifications

Custom flow ranges and types of special fluids can be selected. Please contact us for information.
*The above specifications are subject to change without notice. Install a filter etc. on the IN side to prevent foreign matter from entering.

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