Safety Level 4 Safety Light Grating Model SL-4 Series | Autonics Brand

Safety Level 4 Safety Light Grating Model SL-4 Series | Autonics Brand

Autonics Brand | Model SL-4 Series Security Level 4 Security Light Gratings cover the highest security level for finger, hand and body protection or access control. The one-piece, slim device can also be installed in tight space conditions. Master/slave variants as well as versions with integrated control functionality (EDM) are available as options. Finger protection Resolution Protection range to/profile end via connecting cable/Simple/fast parameterization/Automatic start/restart

Model SL-4 Series

Safety class 4 safety light grid

These safety light curtains/grids have a safety class of 4,

The highest level of security covering finger, hand and body protection or access control.

The all-in-one, slim device can also be installed in tight space conditions.

Master/slave variants and versions with integrated control function (EDM) are available as options.

main feature

  • highest security level
  • finger protection resolution
  • Protection range to the end of the profile
  • Parameter setting via connecting cable
  • Simple and fast startup
  • Auto start/restart
  • For modular safety controllers/safety relays
  • Unshielded connecting cable up to 100 m
  • High protection type

Autonics product catalog includes photoelectric switches, fiber optic sensors, area sensors, rotary encoders, proximity sensors, pressure sensors, timers, counters, temperature controllers, panel displays. The brand's photoelectric sensors are designed to detect the presence, presence or distance of an object using a light emitter and receiver. These sensors feature NPN, PNP, or relay circuitry and operate over a temperature range of -25 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Autonics also offers two-phase and five-phase stepper motors that convert electrical energy into rotational energy

safety grating

safety gratingIt is a way to prevent people from approaching mobile machineryphotoelectricequipment, can avoid casualties, such mobile machinery haspunch,Winder,Palletizer[1],elevator[2]Wait. Safety gratings can be used to replace traditional mechanical barriers or other mechanical protection, and can also increase the maintainability of equipment. With the safety light grid, it can also increase the operability and efficiency of mechanical equipment (like some semi-automatic equipment).


safety gratingClassified as a presence detection device, other common presence detection devices are pressure-sensitive safety mats andlaser scanner(commonly used in industrial applicationsremote control vehicle). most industriesSafety RelaysThe main applications are in workstations with robots.

The safety light grid is composed of a set of transmitters and receivers, and the transmitter will transmit a set ofinfraredThe receiver will include many light sensors. If the object is between the transmitter and the receiver, the receiver will not receive a complete signal, and will send a stop signal to the monitoring equipment.

The light beam sent by the safety light grid transmitter is sequential and sent out at a specific frequency. The detector can only receive the specific pulse wave of the specific frequency sent by the transmitter, so it can avoid the influence of other infrared light sources and improve the applicability in the security system.

Generally, the safety light grid will be connected toSafety RelaysOn, if an object is detected, it will automatically remove the power source that can cause harm. In conjunction with the safety relay, the function of the safety grating can also be temporarily suspended, allowing objects to pass through the safety grating without generating a protection signal, which is suitable for some semi-automatic programs.

safety standard

Here are somesafety gratingRelevant standards:

  • ANSI B11.19
  • IEC 61496-1/-2
  • IEC/TS 62046
  • ISO 13855 (EN 999)

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