ECC100 Smart community platform

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    ECC100 Smart community platform

    ECC IOT based ECO Smart Community Systems is a community business community and community residents linked to the Smart community service platform, which combines the community within 0.1Km of commercial institutions, and the community can quickly respond to residents living around the 1Km range of the various Class life service providers, the user of intelligent cloud of life services to indentify and match the mechanism, combined with access control identification technology, to provide you with a comprehensive, type of image to enhance the real estate push hands

    What are the benefits of building a smart cloud community?

    From the housing-driven model of the past decade to the ecological business model, especially in 2015, the government proposed the "Internet +" strategy, and "Internet + real estate" has promoted the traditional transformation of real estate, which will be the future real estate industry. The general trend. Therefore, as a smart community with Internet technology, community service and smart home as the core, it is the best way to transform.

    Construction developer

    Brand premium

    Enhance brand value in the same nature and enhance corporate social perception


    Real estate value added

    Increase feature selling points and increase real estate selling points


    Differentiated marketing

    Provide gimmicks for differentiated marketing


    Smart property

    Realize smart property, improve efficiency, improve owner satisfaction, virtuous cycle


    Household owner

    Safe and happy community

    Cloud access control, cloud monitoring, cloud parking, system networking, creating a secure community


    Healthy and comfortable community

    Community O2O, food and clothing, health management, staying at home, comfortable life


    Smart technology community

    Intelligent property management, smart home, mobile life, technology community


    Wealth appreciation community

    Financial insurance, financial P2P, creating value-added space for property and households


    Government administration

    Smart City

    ECC platform connects with each other to create a city network management system for smart city construction


    Safe city

    Import and export and population information big data, cloud computing open interface, to build security big data platform for urban security management


    Harmonious community

    Security linkage, smart property management, smart government city convenience service, create a happy life harmonious community


    Prosperous business district

    Community O2O, connecting food, clothing, food, drink, and play, creating a new community business model in the era of Internet

  • shc


    SHC Smart Community

    • E-Property
    • Convenience Services
    • Value-added Operations
  • Property

    PMS Property Management Community

    • Cloud Access
    • Cloud Parking
    • Cloud CCTV
  • Ehome

    HAC Technology Community

    • Smart Home
    • Security Monitoring
    • Remote Control
  • Eshop

    Eshop Convenience Community

    • Community Shopping
    • Surrounding Business
    • E-Bank Pay-easy
  • Asset management

    EHC Health Care Community

    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Health Management
    • Community  Health Care