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AI software development

Transform your business with custom AI software
Hire your AI programming team
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Developing end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) products and solutions requires input from a variety of roles.

At FGT, we do our best to provide relevant and impactful custom AI software solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We work hard to drive your business, which means you innovate with less risk and achieve better results.

As a leading AI software development company, we aspire to build state-of-the-art custom solutions that show you how to take your business to the next level and leave your competitors far behind.

Insights into Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth
Increase labor productivity by up to 40% Will grow to $190 billion by 2025 72% call AI a "business advantage"
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Our expertise

We keep track of emerging technologies to provide future-proof solutions.

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computer vision computing

Computer vision software built with your unique needs in mind

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text parsing

Text parsing software built with your specific needs in mind

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Predictive Analytics Software

We provide accurate predictive analytics models for your business

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business analysis

UX design

Front-end development

Backend development

data science


DevOps & Cloud

QA & Testing

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Pre-project part

Industrial field

We have a proven track record of helping businesses in different fields break new ground. And we will continue to deepen our cross-disciplinary expertise.

smart buildings safety public security

Smart City Solutions

  • smart economy
  • wise people
  • Smart governance
  • Smart Mobile
  • Smart environment
  • Wisdom life
smart home tech that will make life better for the life

Smart Home Solutions

  • Remote monitoring
  • timing control
  • Centralized control
  • Field control
  • network remote control
  • Monitoring function
  • Alarm function
  • share function
  • fingerprint door lock
  • Integrated wiring system
futuro da industria digital factory original fgt

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

  • Discrete Smart Manufacturing
  • Process intelligent manufacturing
  • Web Collaborative Manufacturing
  • mass customization
  • Remote operation and maintenance services

AI software development process

Check out the steps we take to make your project a success


  • Analyze requirements
  • make high-level estimates
  • Provide technical advice
  • Conduct exploratory data analysis

Project Settings

  • Choose a mode of participation
  • Build a core team
  • Prepare Project Flowchart
  • Prepare technical documents

development process

  • Use agile development methods
  • Progress report for each iteration
  • Perform internal and release testing

Instant release

  • Final test of the complete system
  • Solve possible problems
  • Immediate release upon approval
  • Gather feedback


  • Knowledge technology transfer
  • Continuous server monitoring
  • Bug fixes and improvements