Privacy Policy

Your privacy rights and your data are important considerations for FGT. For this reason, we would like to inform you about the collection of your personal data. This Privacy Policy contains everything you need to know about how we collect, use, transfer and disclose your information. If you have any questions, please contact us via the email below.

who are we?

First General Technology Inc.

FGT®【First General Technology Company】Integrated Manufacturer of System Industrial Control Systems

The head office has a production and design factory of 1,600 square meters in Tainan Industrial Zone, Taiwan. It is guided by the combination of engineering planning, professional control component manufacturing, and whole plant equipment planning, adhering to the enthusiastic spirit of the service industry.

Professional automation process design and planning, power monitoring, process monitoring, professional processing of smart home control, automation equipment, industrial equipment (multi-temperature controllers, flow meters) and system platform design (cloud design, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, large Data platform) manufacturing company, using six standard deviation management, responsibility system design company.

Contact Information

Tel: +886 6 263 2460
Email: service[at]

What information is collected and how?

You can visit our website anonymously. When you contact us (for example, by sending an email, calling us, visiting the website, or checking the website), you may provide your personal information, including your name and contact information (such as your address, email address and telephone number). If you use our website, we may also collect information about your use of the website (such as your IP address and web browser choice). Some of this personal information is collected and processed for compliance purposes, and some is for our legitimate business interests (i.e. to perform and improve our business, to analyze the use of our website and services, and to support our employees) .

How is the information used?

The purpose of FGT is to provide completely free, fair, comprehensive and friendly consultation and services. For this purpose, the information we collect from you will be used for the following purposes:

If you change your mind about our use of your personal information in the ways described in this policy, please let us know using the contact information in this Privacy Policy.
You may also opt-out of receiving marketing emails from us by following the instructions set forth in any of the marketing emails we send you.

legal basis

Our Privacy Policy complies with Regulation (EC) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of the processing and free circulation of personal data of natural persons and repealing EU Directive No. 95/46/EC General Data Protection Regulation.
FGT's processing of your data is based on your voluntary, informed and explicit consent, which is one of the lawful bases for processing listed in Article 6.1(a) of the General Data Protection Regulation. FGT acknowledges that such consent is a powerful tool in the hands of individuals to understand and maintain control over how personal data is handled and processed. Therefore, you may contact us at any time to request to withdraw your consent using the contact information described in this Privacy Policy.

How do we store and protect your information?

In order to protect your personal data from accidental or illegal destruction or accidental loss, tampering, unauthorized use, unauthorized modification, disclosure and all other illegal forms of processing, FGT takes the following organizational measures to protect your personal data:

  • FGT stores personal data electronically in the organization's computers and locks it with a personal password; it also requires a user name and password in its internal database software to access the data.
  • Data will be processed until the end of the service, at which time all data will be deleted or returned (if requested).
  • Access to personal data is restricted to individual authorized staff members. All information received from clients is kept by our consultants to provide services. Only consultants, officers, managers and a senior financial officer have access to client information.
  • All FGT staff are responsible for confidentiality.
  • Multiple backups are kept in a safe and secure place, and only experienced IT staff can access the backup data. Backup data is retained for a maximum of 5 weeks, after which the data is deleted.
  • FGT does not process the special categories of personal data referred to in Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • FGT has implemented the following personal data breach notification procedures:
    • Confirmation of personal data breach.
    • Be prepared to deal with a personal data breach that has occurred in accordance with the plan.
    • Assign management responsibility for data breaches.
    • Escalate security incidents to the appropriate person or team in our organization to determine if a data breach has occurred.

FGT will notify you of changes in processing practices and policies to protect data privacy and security. You may request to know where and how data is stored, secured and used at any time.

opt-out policy

share with third parties
As can be seen from the purpose of our service, according to this Privacy Policy, we may disclose your information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. If you wish to opt out of such disclosure, please contact us using the contact information set out in clause 1.

Marketing Email

To stop receiving our newsletters or marketing communications, please use the "unsubscribe" mechanism provided in the message (for example, the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of a marketing email), or send an email to the contact information listed in this Privacy Policy place.

Use of cookies

What are Cookies?
This website uses cookies, which is a common practice used by almost all professional websites. Cookies are small text files downloaded to your computer to improve your experience. This page describes what information cookies collect, how we use that information, and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored, which may degrade or "break" certain website features.

How do we use cookies?
We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed below. Unfortunately, in most cases there is still no industry standard option to disable cookies without completely disabling the functionality or functionality it adds to this website. If you are not sure whether you need cookies, we recommend that you leave all cookies enabled, as sometimes the services you want to use must be provided using cookies.
How to deactivate cookies
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Cookies we set
Website preference cookies:
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Third Party Cookies
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Request correction, restriction or deletion of personal data

You can correct your inaccurate personal data at any time and in a timely manner.
You can request FGT to restrict the processing of personal data at any time.
You can request that the personal data related to you be deleted immediately without undue delay, and FGT should delete the personal data without undue delay in this regard.


If you have any questions or complaints about how we use your personal information, please contact us through FGT using the details set out in this Privacy Policy. If you wish to make further complaints or enquiries, you have the right to contact the competent authority regarding these issues.

Privacy Policy Changes

Once the Privacy Policy changes, it will be posted on the webpage and updated with the following Privacy Policy revision dates. This Privacy Policy was last updated on January 2, 2020.