FM01 Type: Vortex Flow Meter

FM01 Type: Vortex Flow Meter

The Karman Vortex Flow Meter FM Series is the ideal tool for measuring and monitoring liquid flow, including cooling and cleaning water. Since PPS resin is used for the body material, all models in this series have excellent reliability and durability. Instantly understand various flowmeter principles in minutes



・Simple design that minimizes the non-sensing band
・Can measure very small flow (up to 0.5 L/min)
・It is small, light and strong using PPS resin.
・The flowmeter can be used for pure or deionized water and chemicals (the flowmeter is resistant to acid/alkali).
・The model passed CE mark qualification.


model FM0101 FM0102 FM0103 FM0105
Dimensions (a) 17.8 17.5 17.5 32.5
Size (L) 80.6 80.0 80.0 110.0
Connection method (X) R3/8 R1/2 R1/2 25A
Flow range 0.5~4L/min 2~16L/min 4~40L/min 10~150L/min
Measuring liquids Cooling water,cleaning water,etc.
measurement accuracy within ±3.0 % FS
Repeatability within ±0.5 % FS
output S Type: 4~20mA
P Type: Pulse (Open collector) (For w/o indicator only)
D Type: With indicator
Supply voltage 12~24Vdc
Liquid temperature range 0~70℃
Pressure resistance 1 Mpa
Ambient temperature range 0~50℃
Ambient humidity range 5~95% RH
Applicable cleanliness/waterproof standards IP 64 (Splashproof construction per JIS C 0920)
Wetted material PPS with 30% glass mixture PPS w/o glass mixture
cable length W/o indicator: 2 meters long;terminated/pretinned(presoldered)
cable length With indicator:3 meters long;terminated/pretinned(presoldered)
weight W/o indicator: 85 g (Sensor unit) 165g (Sensor unit)
With indicator: 100 g (Sensor unit) 205g (Sensor unit)

Application field

・Production of housing materials
・Manufacture of biopharmaceuticals
・Petrochemical industry
・Biotechnology application
・Environmental system
・Food manufacturing process
・Agricultural/Plant application

What is a vortex flowmeter
The composition of the vortex flowmeter

A vortex flowmeter, comprising: a flow sensor operable to sense pressure changes due to vortex shedding of fluid in a channel and convert the pressure changes into flow sensor signals in the form of electrical signals; and a signal processor , which is used to receive the flow sensor signal and generate an output signal corresponding to the change in pressure due to vortex shedding of the fluid in the channel.

working principle

When the medium flows through the Braff body at a certain speed, alternately arranged vortex bands are generated behind the sides of the Braff body, called "von Kalman vortices". Since eddy currents are alternately generated on both sides of the vortex generator, pressure pulsations are created on both sides of the generator, which can cause alternating stress to the detector. The piezoelectric element encapsulated in the detection probe body generates an alternating charge signal with the same frequency as the vortex under the action of alternating stress. The frequency of these pulses is proportional to the flow rate. After the signal is amplified by the preamplifier, it is sent to the intelligent flow accumulator for processing

In a certain range of Reynolds number (2×10^4~7×10^6), the relationship between the vortex release frequency, fluid velocity and the width of the vortex generator facing the flow surface can be expressed by the following formula:


where f is the release frequency of the Karman vortex, St is the Strouhal number, V is the velocity, and d is the width of the triangular cylinder.

The application of vortex flowmeter
1. Smart pipeline monitoring application

The main reason for the popularity of flow meters in industrial applications is the way they are designed and manufactured. They have no moving parts, have virtually no obstruction to a straight flow path, require no temperature or pressure correction, and maintain accuracy over a wide flow range. Straight pipe runs can be reduced by the use of double-plate flow conditioning elements, and installation is very simple and does not cause pipe intrusion

However, in many applications the thermal properties of the fluid may depend on the fluid composition. In such applications, changes in fluid composition during actual operation can affect flow measurements. Therefore, it is important for flow meter suppliers to understand the composition of the fluid so that the appropriate calibration factors can be used to accurately determine flow. Vendors can provide appropriate calibration information for other gas mixtures, but the accuracy of the flowmeter depends on the actual gas mixture being the same as the one used for calibration purposes. In other words, the accuracy of a flowmeter calibrated for a given gas mixture will decrease if the gas actually flowing has a different composition

2. CVD equipment

What is CVD equipment

Vapor deposition (CVD) is a vacuum deposition method used to produce high-quality, high-performance solid materials. This process is commonly used in the semiconductor industry to produce thin films

In typical CVD, the wafer (substrate) is exposed to one or more volatile precursors that react and/or decompose on the surface of the substrate to produce the desired deposit. Often volatile by-products are also produced, which are removed by the gas flow through the reaction chamber

Microfabrication processes widely use CVD to deposit various forms of materials including: single crystal, polycrystalline, amorphous and epitaxy. These materials include: silicon (carbon dioxide, carbides, nitrides, oxynitrides), carbon (fibers, nanofibers, nanotubes, diamond and graphene), fluorocarbons, filaments, tungsten, titanium nitride and various high k dielectric

3. Gas distribution board/operation board (VMB/VMP)

What is VMB/VMP

Through our experience in handling gases, we have gained the knowledge to design and manufacture panels (gas boxes) for EPI systems, MOCVD, material supply systems and more.
Among our business achievements, we are able to design and manufacture products that meet customer requirements (price and specifications). We can handle not only normal gas but also liquefied gas supply for hub rings. We also support various legal applications.

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