Long sensing distance rectangular inductive proximity switch Model AS series | Autonics brand

Long sensing distance rectangular inductive proximity switch Model AS series | Autonics brand

Autonics brand|AS series products rectangular inductive proximity switchIt has a long sensing distance of 50 mm and excellent noise immunity, using a dedicated proximity switch IC. Proximity switch: capable of performing normally open + normally closed output at the same time. Excellent noise immunity with dedicated sensor IC)/Simultaneous output (normally open NO + normally closed NC)/Power supply: LED indicator light and running indicator light/IP67 protection structure (IEC standard) with NPN, PNP

AS Series Rectangular Inductive Proximity Switch
With a long sensing distance of 50 mm and excellent noise immunity, it adopts a dedicated proximity switch IC developed by Autonics. Proximity switches are capable of both normally open and normally closed outputs, providing users with convenience and flexibility.

Autonics product catalog includes photoelectric switches, fiber optic sensors, area sensors, rotary encoders, proximity sensors, pressure sensors, timers, counters, temperature controllers, panel displays. The brand's photoelectric sensors are designed to detect the presence, presence or distance of an object using a light emitter and receiver. These sensors feature NPN, PNP, or relay circuitry and operate over a temperature range of -25 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Autonics also offers two-phase and five-phase stepper motors that convert electrical energy into rotational energy

main feature

  • 50mm long sensing distance
  • Excellent noise immunity with dedicated sensor IC
  • Built-in surge protection circuit, reverse polarity protection circuit, overcurrent protection circuit
  • Power supply: 12-48VDC (working voltage: 10-65VDC)
  • Simultaneous output (normally open + normally closed)
  • Power indicator (greedy LED) and running indicator (red LED)
  • IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)

proximity switch(English:proximity sensor) also calledproximity sensor, which is a device that can detect the presence of nearby objects without contactsensor.

Proximity sensors typically emitelectromagnetic fieldorElectromagnetic radiationbundle (e.g.infrared) and observeelectric fieldOr the change of the return signal to realize the function. The object that can be detected is called the target of the proximity switch. Different types of proximity switches have different goals, such asCapacitive Proximity SwitchorPhotoelectric switchpossible detectionplastictarget, andInductive proximityswitchCan only detect metal targets.

Sensors have a "nominal range" defined by their design, the maximum distance they can detect. Some sensors have the ability to adjust within the nominal range and to report the detection distance classification.

Therefore, the proximity switch has no mechanical parts, and there is no physical contact between the sensor and the object being sensed, resulting in high reliability and long service life.

Smartphones or similar mobile devices are often equipped with proximity switches. The device can wake up from sleep mode when a target is present within the nominal range. If the proximity sensor's target persists, the device can also ignore it and go back to sleep. A common design is that when using a smartphone to make a call, the proximity switch will detect the presence of the target and treat it as if it is placed in the ear, at which point the touchscreen will be temporarily turned off to avoid accidental operation.[1]Proximity sensors are also used for vibration monitoring of some mechanical devices.

Proximity switches tuned to ultra-short distances can also be used as atact switch.

iphone app proximity switch

Proximity switch application


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