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    ECC200 artificial intelligence smart building platform

    ECC200 AI today is all about building the technology to capture what we do as humans and trying to automate it using machine learning to build models based on training data of past behaviors. Another industry term for this I see is "augmenting intelligence." It is about using AI to help us do our work better instead of replacing us, e.g., make decisions faster with a huge volume of data.

    How AI Is Making Buildings Smart And Intelligent

    Smart buildings: welcoming buildings of the future

    Smart buildings has been a buzzword for quite some time now. However, what’s it all about? Well, there isn’t any universally accepted definition that we can refer to. In simple terms, smart buildings can be referred to as automated structural models capable of responding to real-time events. The idea behind this concept is to provide a hassle-free experience to occupants while efficiently utilizing energy resources. Earlier, buildings deployed CCTV surveillance cameras, smoke detection sensors, and other light sensors for safety and efficiency. Today, several other smart sensors like temperature, humidity, CO2, and others are embedded in a building. Cameras and actuators are installed everywhere in a building. Data generated by these sources connect different building components and allow them to interact with each other. With such comprehensive data and intelligence, building managers have complete transparency and control of the buildings’ different systems. Keeping the comfort, safety, and security of occupants in mind, managers can fine-tune the operations for enhancing the tenants’ living experience.


    Smart buildings not only take complete care of residents’ comfort and safety but also promote energy and financial savings. Now, combined with IoT, AI also contributes to making smart buildings even smarter and more intelligent than ever.

    Construction developer

    Optimize energy consumption

    AI-based energy management platforms can identify the times when there is less sunlight or a larger mass of occupant to properly blow the right amount of air into the room based on these factors. It can even identify when it makes sense to pre-cool the building when energy is at the highest price or to decrease cooling at times when there is low activity based on usage patterns.


    Real estate value added

    Increase feature selling points and increase real estate selling points


    Preventative maintenance

    AI and Deeplearning are exceptionally well suited for detecting faults and failures in office building systems by identifying anomalies and inconsistencies in data gather by IoT devices and sensors. After identifying these symptoms, AI can be used to determine causes and provide a diagnosis.


    Improving occupant comfort

    Mobile apps and wearable devices are solving the problem by enabling occupants to connect directly with building operators. Building owners can now directly understand how occupants are using the building and assess their comfort levels through direct tenant feedback.

    The data collected from these devices can be added as variables to AI to build advanced models of how a building performs to achieve its higher worker productivity which in the long-run results in tenant retention and other benefits for building owners.


    Household owner

    User convenience

    AI voice chat instead of typing


    Increased interactivity

    Voice call to turn on TV light control smart home hardware


    Optimized behavior automation

    Historically active call history mode of operation used by the user


    More accurate data

    Eliminate manual settings and create more accurate operating modes for users

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