We are a highly diverse workforce with regard to race, language, culture, age, gender, and thought process. There is beauty and strength in diversity, and here at FGT we embrace it wholeheartedly.

As a company that values talent, we believe diversity plays a key role in attracting and retaining extraordinary people. It is these people who help us achieve our goal of contributing towards making the world a better place while at the same time presenting our clients with effective and outstanding solutions.

Behind diversity is the spirit of inclusion which is the fundamental backbone of who we are. Our belief in diversity is also reflected in the broad expertise of our employees. We strongly believe in the enormous benefits of working in interdisciplinary teams.

The staff of the FGT Group consists of 2/3 technical and 1/3 non-technical employees. The 92 employees working for FGT all over the world cover all the important engineering disciplines.


Truly International

Since its beginnings over 15 years ago, FGT has managed both national and international projects. Our commitment to working internationally is also reflected in the over 4 offices located all over the world.

However, we believe that what really contributes to an international company is its workforce.

We at FGT are truly international as we have employees from over 5 nations and from all continents.