Akuvox Supplying Smart Intercom, Android Door Phone, Smart Indoor Monitor, Face Recognition Access Control

Akuvox Supplying Smart Intercom, Android Door Phone, Smart Indoor Monitor, Face Recognition Access Control

  • Akuvox Supplying Smart Intercom, Android Door Phone, Smart Indoor Monitor, Face Recognition Access Control.


    • Smart Doorphones
    • Smart Indoor Monitor
    • Access Control
    • Android IP Video Phones
    •  IP Phone


    Powered by latest technologies, Akuvox smart residential intercom solution fits in with higher security, convenience and smartization requirements of modern residential living.

    ● Increase the value of properties
    ● Allow residents to enjoy smart living
    ● Offer visitors perfect user experience

    Akuvox smart residential intercom solution

    Solution Features

    • Facial Recognition Door Entry
    • Convenient App-based Features
    • Home Automation Integration
    • Elevator Control Integration
    • Community-wide Communication System
    • Centralized and Remote System Management


    In tackling business challenges like enhancing productivity and resource efficiency, smart intercom solutions have come into play, bringing together voice, video, security, access control, and more.

    ● Greater workplace flexibility for staff
    ● Lower total cost of ownership
    ● Excellent visitor experience

    Smart Intercom Commercial

    Solution Features

    • Convenient App-based Features
    • Complete Communication System
    • 3rd-party Access Control Integration
    • Elevator Control Integration
    • Monitoring Center Integration

    Assisted Care & Hospital

    Akuvox smart intercom solution is good news for global population aging. It converges latest technologies, including SIP, Android and AI, to bring greater safety, trust and security to older people.

    ● Greater safety and security, and more convenience for the elderly
    ● Enhance operational efficiencies and reduce the service cost for care providers

    Akuvox smart intercom solution

    Solution Features

    • Fast and Reliable Emergency Calling
    • Flexible Emergency Calling Methods
    • Home Alarm Integration
    • Mobility Features
    • Easy-to-use system
    • Future-proof

    Public Space

    With terrorism and violence on the rise worldwide, there is an urgent need for advanced intercom technologies to gather information real-time, react to situations in progress, and manage public events and emergency situations in order to protect people, assets and property in the public space.

    ● Great system reliability
    ● Faster emergency response

    Akuvox smart intercom solution

    Solution Features

    • Reliable emergency communication
    • Alarm Center Integration
    • Adapted to diverse environments and climates
    • Call forwarding




  • Akuvox is a global leading provider of Smart Intercom products and solutions. We are committed to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people's lives with better communication, greater security and more convenience.

    Pioneer of Smart Intercom

    Encompassing artificial intelligence, SIP, Android, Cloud, Security and other advanced technologies, we continuously drive breakthrough changes in the industry and creatively deliver an unrivaled portfolio of smart intercom products and solutions. They have been deployed and used daily in more than 80 countries and regions meeting customer needs in various vertical markets that range from residential to commercial, from healthcare to public safety.

    • SIP

    • Android

    • AI

    • Cloud

    • Security

    Discover the Akuvox Difference

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      Part of Star-net, a $1.6-billion international group, a leading ICT solution provider in China and have access to the latest technologies in multiple fields

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      Outstanding innovation capacity that enables us to impact the direction of the global intercom industry

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      High-standard quality control that meets the stringent requirements of high-end customers

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      Excellent professional services with quick and all-out response to customers’ needs

    Worldwide Projects

    Metroluxe Kaset, Thailand
    Metroluxe Kaset, Thailand

    MAC 318, UAE

    Stockholm, Sweden

    New York, USA

    Hong Kong, China